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News Features

No description

Heidi West

on 25 April 2016

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Transcript of News Features

Inverted pyramid style
Summary lead
Facts, details support news peg
Timely, published shortly after event or before event
Answer 5 W's
Hard News
Start with news peg
Find NATURAL angle that works with the news peg.
"What behind-the-scenes details deserve attention?"
Use 1 of 3 approaches:
Sum up focus in 1 SENTENCE
Gathering Information
Primary Sources (2):

Face-to-face interviews with subject-matter experts
Be professional

Secondary Sources:
Databases, historians, websites, reference books, past articles
Story Structure
Montage, image et effets spéciaux
Utilise de très bonne caméras
Effet sombre, couleurs grises et froide
Très visuel:
"la caméra aide à dire l'histoire"
zoom in (imite la vu de Sherlock)
texte sur l'écran (déduction, recherche sur électroniques, etc...)
beaucoups d'explosions
Machines, comme un lit hydrolique
Séries super bien reçu par le publique
Traduit en plusieurs langues
Reçu plusieurs prix
Un des trois fandom les plus gros de tumblr
Utiliser comme forme de Marketing en France
Inspiré des artiste (dessin, histoires, vidéos, costumes, etc..)
Pour conclure...
News Features
Objective: Write a feature
I. Definition
II. Hard news vs. feature
III. Focus
IV. Gathering information
V. Story Structure
News Feature
News peg
Focus reflected in lead
Lead with style, imagery, description and emotional appeal
Facts, details support news peg
Timely, published shortly after event or before event
Answer 5 W's
How to Find a Focus
Put on your Sherlock cap ... time for an Interim Review
Real writers don't have a Dr. Watson or a Mrs Hudson; they must take their own notes and fine tune people skills so they don't miss the story.
Story details must point the reader in one direction, if information doesn't support the nutgraph, leave it out.
It's time to solve your first case ... Final Review
Writers have to put themselves out there and dig for feature details, as they lay below the surface of the obvious.
Writers must use the details available to them. Fabricating observations or details will not bring the story to a natural conclusion.
At least 1 of the W's - answer all others in the story
Summary leads work best
Grab attention, transition to nutgraph
Complement lead by reinforcing focus
Don't present new information
Ensure smooth transition from body to conclusion
Think like Sherlock
Think like Sherlock
NEWS FEATURE: A perishable story that informs, entertains readers, helping them identify with news topics, events, situations

Just like Sherlock is up against the clock, the writer is up against the deadline
News feature writers must find the balance between: 1) identifying the news peg and 2) providing related feature details for a focus.
News Feature:
Weapons-loading exercise seen through the eyes of an Airman driving one of the bomb-transport vehicles
Hard News:

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