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FastCat: Internal Structure

No description

Nathan Irby

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of FastCat: Internal Structure

Loosely Coupled
Allows for fludity
Looser job descriptions
More Egalitarian
Multiple Jobs in Levels
There are defined level
To a varying degree

FastCat: Internal Structure
Job Structure
3 Main Categories
Job Based Plan
Why was this decision made?
Marketing and Sales
Client Account Leader
Software Solutions Consultant
Marketing Services Rep
Graphic Designer
Marketing Support
Training Assistant

Clinical Liaison
Programmer Analyst
Quality Assurance Analyst
Senior Fellow
Software Engineer
Software User interface Architect
Training Assistant
Visionary Champion

Implementation Consultant
Project Leader
Quality Assurance Analyst A
Senior Quality Assurance Technician
Software Solutions Consultant
User Interface Designer
Actual Structure
Actual Structure
Why these decisions were made
Actual Structure
Why these decisions were made
Administrative Aide
Travel Coordinator
Project Support Assistant
Administrative Assistant II
Administrative Leader
Degree to which the job requires creativity, originality, or inventiveness
Unique reasoning required to come up with new or improved ideas, processes, strategies, or solutions
Customer Interaction
Correspondence with Customer Base
Amount of Supervision
Maintaining Relationships
Maintaining Competitive Edge
Comprised of education and relevant experience
Degree of education, formal training, certification and licensing
Meeting Customer and Team Needs
Level of performance and efficiency when completing tasks
Keeps product costs low
High Service
High Quality
Compensable Factors
Level of interaction with employees as well as customers
"Together, we work as a team"
"Our customers are part of this team to deliver cutting-edge solutions"
FastCat Objectives
FastCat Comparison
What FastCat Customers Think
Our Structure
Why these decisions were made
standards while upholding FC’s strong ethical values: integrity, responsibility, and honesty.
Comply with all laws and regulations.
Maintain equity in respect to compensation through
of compensation system so employees are satisfied, motivated, engaged, and committed.
Reduce costs
by decreasing employee turnover, retaining quality employees, and rewarding efficiency.
Increase revenues
through the expansion of global market territory while capitalizing on highly rated customer service and product innovation.
ideas while also empowering employees to have a larger role in the decision-making process, thus fostering personal development and internal growth.
Develop and foster a
healthy customer-based
culture through a transparent compensation plan that rewards high performance, commitment, and positive attitudes.
Retain high-quality employees by motivating them to remain
within the company and continue to build tenure.
Instilling in our customers a strong sense of
with the growing industry by displaying full commitment in our service, keeping product costs low, and maintaining high service and quality.
FastCat Group Members
Alex Asseff
Josh Bruggers
Nathan Irby
Bethany Lorio
The Duties and Tasks required to perform
2 Sub Categories
Need for authority
The ability to control and delegate tasks
Monitor performance
Provide support as needed to subordinate individuals and/or teams
Difficulty of Work
Higher Level of Thinking
Amount of Oversight
FastCat Job Structure
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