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The 7 Rs

No description

callum beeden

on 11 November 2012

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Transcript of The 7 Rs

Re think Reuse Reducing Repair Redesign Recycling Rethinking is becoming incredibly important. An object cannot be recycled if someone did not first think to have it made of a recyclable material and if something is not designed well, it may not be suitable to reuse either. The oxford dictionary defines the word rethink as: consider or address(something especially a course of action).When we rethink we consider the effects of our actions on the environment. We then adapt our decisions and this is the entire foundation for The seven r system As explained in the video we simply throw away most of out products mainly because a new version is out or you only needed it for one time. By reusing what you have or even just reusing the parts for something similar we can help The seven Rs A lot of things can be solved after the problem, but reducing means not only reducing your waste, but reducing the amount of unnecessary things you buy. Questions like " do I really need this"? and "What is the life span of this product can help stop any waste being created that cannot be recycled or reused. Many people replace dysfunctional items like a broken laundry machine, however there are many companies and services which can repair such goods at a much lower price. Even if a parts broken it can be replaced with a recycled part from a different machine. And finally the most important step. Redesigning. Redesigning everything, making it efficient but reusable, making it advanced but recyclable, simple and repairable. When in the distant future everything is recyclable, we will finally be able to give back to the earth which we take and take for granted. More and more people are realising the importance of the natural world and all its resources, and the earth needs everyones help to help make products that benefit not only humans, but the environment itself Rethink, Reuse, Recycle, Reduce,
Repair, Redesign, Raise Awareness reduce the amount of waste we create. If everything is reused no more waste is going into the landfills and non-renewable materials are no longer being cut down. Lots of things can be reused. Here is some jewelry made from dictionaries, keyboards and more. Recycling is the most well known Re, it is the core of the system. It is created by rethinking and is helped by reusing. Many different products can be recycled but some companies still haven't made the leap to using bio-degradable packaging and still dont use recyclable materials to build their products from. Raising Awareness Although not normally appreciated as part of the cycle raising awareness is incredibly important in helping other people realise the problems that the earth faces. Like a metaphorical apple this step drops off and starts a new tree of Re's for the next person. In this way anyone can help. Some help by volunteering at recycling centres, others may try and use media to raise awareness
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