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Appification of News

No description

Keith Lin

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Appification of News

Finally A spot of flagrant self promotion ... Pursue the audience, rather than the platform News Applications:
[def ] digital tools and platforms built for the purpose of presenting news and information or building engagement and conversation around the news Apps are unique to a specific audience News consumption on apps varies from
traditional websites ‘Multi-platform’ consumers for
different news ‘experiences’ Citizen Reporting apps: A new frontier Amateur-driven content here to stay, but currently lacking secure content verification tools Adopt a crawl-run-walk approach Phrased approach to launching apps and improvements.
1.0: Getting into market quickly
2.0: Understanding how people use it, what do they want more or less of, where platforms are going Sales and advertisers: A new model Share of voice rather than cost-per-impression App-ification of News: Key opportunities and lessons 1.5 million mobile apps (and counting) Keith Lin
Head of Programming, MSN Southeast Asia
keithl@microsoft.com Average user app usage: 127 minutes per day Total app sales projected to increase 62% YoY Mobile apps: A US$25 billion global industry “Today there are about 360 million websites and they’re all basically not much more than linked documents, but in 10 years everything will be an app. Consumers will experiences brands as a unified and integrated experience across all devices and websites will slowly but surely join the ranks of the dial tone as relics of a bygone era.” ~ Steve Newcomb, CEO and founder of Famo.us Needs own design, content and platform Use the right platform/design to match
information Rather than choosing one platform over another ... Cursory vs immersive
Active vs passive time Get critical executive buy-in Show results early Build on success in later phases Web-based versus native apps: Which to go for? The future of media on mobile devices:
Web-interlinked rather than 'walled garden' applications returning users App launches per user dwell time per session
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