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Common Writing Mistakes

Review of Synthesis Assignment

Emma Lloyd Best

on 20 September 2010

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Transcript of Common Writing Mistakes

Common Writing Mistakes Listing all the facts from the Juliet Hypo. Not analyzing whether the elements of actual confinement are met by the facts of the Juliet Hypo. Not using the facts of the cases in the
research file to compare to the facts of the Juliet Hypo. Not splitting up paragraphs when you have a new thought. Not following the CREAC format because
there was no explanation of the rules in the
cases from the research file. Listing the facts from the Juliet Hypo
in a paragraph without any analysis. Focusing on using rules that are not relevant. Using all the cases in the paper
regardless of whether they add to the
synthesized rule. Coming up with too many
elements for actual confinement. Not considering whether all the elements
need to be satisfied with the synthesized rule of actual confinement or just one of them. This needs to be considered when connecting the elements with an AND or a OR. Including extra words / transitions
and not being clear and concise. CONCLUSION RULE EXPLANATION ANALYSIS CONCLUSION JULIET SYNTHESIS Not stating a succinct prediction
of the outcome of the hypo.
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