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Copy of D.C Project


chance taylor

on 9 May 2011

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Transcript of Copy of D.C Project

Washington D.C By: Olivia Kessler
Chance Taylor
Kailyn Simmons
Austin Wray The American's Creed Civil War~Battle of Gettysburg 1.) This three-day battle took place just prior to a national holiday. What are the battle dates? June 1, 2, 3 2.) The two "top" Generals in the Battle of Gettysburg are: a.) Northern troops: Ulysses S. Grant (Union)
b.) Southern troops: Robert E. Lee (Confederate) 3.) Day One: Where did the fighting take place and who won Took place in Pennsylvania and the Union won 4.) Day 2: Name the ridge position of the: a.) Confederate Line: Seminary Ridge
b.) Union Line: Cemetery Ridge 5.) Day 3: On day three, the _______ marched the open field toward the "high water mark." The final battle was called __________. Confederate Cavalry; Battle of Gettysburg 6.) Lincoln gave his Gettysburg Address on _____, _____ at the dedication of the first ______ ______ November 19, 1863; Soldiers Cementary "Four score and seven years ago..."
7.) What event was Lincoln referring to in the above quote? Emanipate Proclamation National Archives 1.) The National Archives not only preserves and make available for reference and research the permantly valuable records of our government, but publishes The Federal Register. What is the Federal Register? 2.) The National Archives exists for two purposes. What are they? 3.) Name the Charters of Freedom: 4.) Although the Magna Carta is not an American Document, it was the foundation for fundamental _________ rights . 5.) Name the American architect, National Gallery of Art, and the Jefferson Memorial : 6.) The original Bill of Rights contained _____ articles, two of which were not ratified. Which one was later ratified as our 27 Admendment Capitol Building 1.) What branch of government is presently housed in the Capitol? Legislative 2.) On November 9, 1916, the first woman was elected to serve in the House of Representatives. Who was she and what state did she represent? Was this before or after women were given the right to vote? She is Mae Ella Nolan.
She represents California.
Before 3.) The custom of flying a flag24 hours a day over the Capitol Building started by the encouragement of the people during ______. This flag is 8 by ___ feet. 4.) "The House of Representatives will derive its powers from the _____ of America... The Senate, on the other hand, will derive its power from the _____" 5.) There are 583 presidential electors. How many electors are allotted to each of the following. 6.) What does the word congress mean? The national legistative body of the U.S consisting the Senate and the House of Representative. 7.) Hiram Revels was born a free black in North Carolin. At the age of 46, he went on to became the first black Senator from the state of Mississippi. His right to become a Senator was disputed because he has only been a citizen for four years. How could this be? Supreme Court 1.) Which branch of government is represented by the Supreme Court? Judicial 2.) How many Chief Justices doe we have now?____
Who is/are the present Chief Justice(s)? _____ 1 Chief Justice
John Roberts 3.) Explain William Howard Taft's connection to the Supreme Court and the White House. He was a president, but he wanted to be a Supreme Justice 4.) When a new Justice is "sworn in" they must take a _____ and _____ oath. The _____ oath is always first. Constitutional Oath; Judicial; constitutional 5.) Members of the Supreme Court are appointed by the ____ subject to the approval of the Congress. President; Congress 6.) Name the first African American to take the oath of the office as a Supreme Court Justice. Thergood Marshal 7.) Under President Barrack Obama, two women have been sworn is to serve on the bench. Has any other women ever served on the bench and can you name her (them)? Sandra Day O'Connor 8.) Give one example of a case heard by the highest court in the land: Roe versus Wade 9.) Supreme Court Justices serve during "good Behaviour", which has generally meant ____ terms. This is to ensure an independent Judiciary and to protect judges from partisan pressures. life 10.) Which founding document are the Justices sworn to behold? Constitution 11.) What is the connection between Cheif Justice and the Liberty Bell? On July 8th 1835, the liberty bell was rang in memory of John Marshall who died two days earlier. This is associated with the crack of the bell. 12.) What item is place on the counsel tables every day that the court sits? It is a tradition that has continued at the opening of every session of court. quill 13.) On either side of the main steps are seated two marble figures. They are: Female: comtemplation of Justice
Male: guardian or authority of law What year did Congress authorize a home for the Supreme Court? 1932-1935 18.) In 1803, a congressional law was found to be violation of the U.S Constitution. The Supreme Court, therefore, ruled it "unenforcable". Name this historic case, Marbury versus Madison 8.)The House'se historical clock shows the Muse of History, in her chariot, recording history as it takes place. She is located in the old House chambers. What is her name? Cilo 9.) The Capitol building was built in stages. Who insited that the Capitol Dome continue to be constructed during the Civil War? Why did he persist in its construction? President Lincoln
was the person who insisted. He wanted it to be done and thought that it would bring the North and the South together 10.) Which of the following was/were never housed in the Capitol? C.) The "Mona Lisa" 11.) Designed in 1856, this statue was raised into place on top of the Capitol Dome. What is the name of this statue? The statue of freedom "Freedom" 12.) Michaelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel. Who is considered the "Michaelangelo of the Capitol"? Constantino Brumidi 13.) Below are four oil paintings hung on the walls of the Capitol Rotunda. Circle the one which contains the ship "The Speedwell" D.) Embarkation of Pilgrims, by Robert W. Weir Regonition of his hand work and leadership skills, his legislative colleagues elected him to one of Mississippi vacant U.S separate seats as that state prepared to rejoin the Union Each Cogressional House District: 1-Per House District
Each state: Whole number of Senators and House of Representatives
District of Columbia: No more than the state with the lowest number (3) people; State Legislative A Daily publication of th U.S Federal Government that issues proposed and final administrative regulations of Federal Agencies 1894; 12 a.) Maintaining and publishing the legally authentic and
b.) Authoritive copies of acts of Congress, presidential proclamations and executive orders and federal regulations a.) Declaration of Independence
b.) Constitution of the United States
c.) Bill of Rights human John Russell Pope 12; 2nd Article-limiting the power of congress to increase the salaries of its members
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