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Autodesk project (18 July)

No description

Prezi David Hooker

on 5 December 2018

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Transcript of Autodesk project (18 July)

Helps people imagine, design and create a better world.
in 30+ countries
7,390+ employees
That's a huge fail for the PR department!
“When we really want our voices heard, we turn to Prezi.”
Every quarter we have to package 3 months of work, including...
PR releases
Published articles
into one big working document to report our work to the rest of the company.
The results was a 30 page email
we were sending all around the world
that people didn't read!
It's a lot of work for little reward!
“We didn’t feel like we were actively demonstrating our value to our stakeholders.”
We needed a different way to do this.
We saw a client using Prezi, and thought...
this looks like a solution for us
First thing we noticed was how easy it is to use.
We could get all our stuff in one place.
We easily created a great visual for our report.
And it was effortless to share amongst ourselves...
as well as to everybody!
We got great feedback from:
Even execs!
Instead of us wondering if they read it,
we now got people writing to us
And they loved how they could see it on their
That's cool!
PR is all about 2 things:
Communication and Reputation!
And Prezi boosted both
People at high levels are looking at us that we are innovating. They see we’re trying to present in a way that is engaging for them, but is still informative where they share other people — respecting their time. At the same time, that our successes are being shared.
Using Prezi to improve our reports at
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