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Photo Essay

No description

michael wu

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Photo Essay

Photo Essay
Vertical Line
Horizontal Line
Diagonal Line
Curved Line
Cool Color
Warm Color
Positive Space
Negative Space
Cramped/Busy Space
Open/Uncultured Space
Smooth Texture
Rough Texture
Symmetrical Balance
Asymmetrical Balance
Radial Balance
Regular Rhythm
Random Rhythm
Gradated Rhythm
Graduated Rhythm
Michael Wu
This picture is taken at school by the engineering building.
This is part of the point element because it's a spot on the floor and has nothing around it.
This computer was taken in the engineering room.
This computer has a button in the middle of the computer that looks like a point.
This was taken in Balboa Park
This is a point because of it's shape in the center.
This picture was taken in downtown San Diego
This picture have vertical lines running through the blue bars and there are some on the building.
This picture was taken in Balboa Park
There are vertical lines in between each statue.
This picture was taken in Balboa Park
The beams and the walls in this picture is vertical.
Taiwan's tallest building and it is shopping mall called Taipei 101
The lights and windows are horizontal lines.
Balboa Park
The railing in this picture has horizontal lines.
My house
This is a pergola with long horizontal lines in my backyard
The view from Taipei 101 on the 87th floor
The cars and buildings can create diagonal lines
At school
This is the inside of the pyramid at school.The pyramid has diagonal lines that are meeting each other in the center.
Balboa Park
This picture is a closed carousel the closed doors, rectangles, have diagonal lines in them that makes triangles.
Inside Taipei 101
The shops with roofs makes curved lines from all around the building
School Computer
Under the button there are curved lines on the shell of the computer.
Balboa Park
The long walkway is curved.
School's Language building
The poster is blue and blue is a cool color.
Balboa Park
The purple plant is a cool color
Balboa Park
The blue in this fountain is blue.
School's tree
The tree has a yellowish color which is warmer than the blue background.
Balboa Park
The bench is very red and has a hot or warm color to it.
Balboa Park
The plants are red and yellow which the colors are warm.
School by language building
The hands has a pattern which has a certain kind of value to it. To the person there is a kind of value to them.
Balboa Park
The plants have value to them. The way they look and how they were treated.
JROTC drill competition. To ROTC there is a value to these trophies and how we won them.
Under school stairs
The water drainage under the stairs has a circle shape to it.
Taipei's Core Pacific City Mall
In this mall there is a sphere that is attached to the mall.
The shape has a circle n the middle a star on the outside of the circle and wings right behind the star
The machine has a dish kind of form to it.
Balboa Park
The person created this fountain made a form of a face on it.
Balboa Park
The balcony has a form of patterns on it.
The disco ball is the positive space
School's quad
The tree is the positive space in the picture.
The object on the wall is the positive space.
The background around the tree is the negative space.
The background around the disco ball is the negative space.
School Engineer Building
Everything around the trash can is negative space
The air compressor in RO is cramped in between.
Lunch tables at school

The lunch tables at school are cramped together
The trophies are close to each other and could fall easily to the ground.
The gym always has a big area to run around in.
The area between school and parking lot
Between the school and the parking lot there is a huge space in between.
Balboa Park area
In the walkways there is a huge space in between every wall or object.
Under school stairs
Every metal at school has a smooth feeling, like the hand bars on the stairs then so is the bottom
School wind tunnel
In the wind tunnel there is a plastic telling what's the room number and the plastic is smooth.
The gold trophies feels smooth or any part that is shiny.
The walls at school is rough. You can cut your hand by accident when you walk by.
Balboa Park
If you look closely at the picture then you can see the roughness of the walls in the picture.
The brown bag feels a little rough and does not hurt you too.
One of Taipei 101's ceiling.
Taipei 101 mall, there is many ceilings in that building. If you fold the ceiling in half you will notice both sides are equal to each other.
school weight room
The squares on the door is the same sizes to each other.
Balboa Park
Both sides of that walkway is equal to each other if folded in half.
Japanese Garden in Balboa
If you cut this in half the door is equal but the background is different
Balboa Park
Both halves of the book, the shape is the same but the words is not.
Balboa Park
The star and the book is equal when folded in half, but the words written is not the same when written in half.
Balboa Park
The water is coming out from one area when you look from the top view and spreads out when it reaches it highest peak.
Taipei, Taiwan
From the top view the hands spin outwards from the center.
Core Pacific City Mall inside
The sphere from the inside and the pattern is radial from the inside of the hole
Balboa Park
The emphasis is on the other side of the tunnel. The first thing you see from the tunnel as well.
Buddhist Temple in Taiwan
When you walk into a Buddhist temple the first thing you see is always the lion.
School ally
There is an ally and on the other side is the door, the first thing you see when you walk forward
Pixar in Berkeley
The ball has a very high contrast when comparing with everything else.
Balboa Park
The blue stand is brightest out of everything and stands out the most
Balboa Park
The first thing you will notice is the yellow garage which has the high contrast
The glass on the garage door has
a regular pattern to it.
Weight room door
The door has a regular pattern to the door.
Parking Lot
The pattern on the solar panels are regular.
Balboa Park
The floor is a random rhythm. They made the floor have different patterns
The artist put a random rhythm on the ground pretending the fish is flopping it's way back
Taiwan fabric store
The people put the fabric in a random pattern on the wall.
This is gradated because there is the smallest to middle to the largest.
Tools from home
This tool is used to open jars, it's from the smallest to the biggest.
Backyard tree
The tree's bottom is the biggest part and as goes higher the tree gets smaller.
Balboa Park
This is graduated because the little river leads to the water fountain.
Balboa Park
The tunnel leads to the other side to somewhere else.
Balboa Park
As you walk on the walkway, it slowly leads you to the tower.
Balboa Park
The car looks bigger than the pergola, when the pergola is bigger than the car.
Balboa Park
The stairways leads from the information board to the museum in front of it.
Balboa Park
The wall leads to the other side to a different entrance.
Toronto Hiking trail
In this hiking trail, people spend their time stacking rocks which is unity
Taipei 101
It goes to the very top, and the pattern to the side is unity.
The crosses (hard to see) connects together like unity pattern
Economy changes the ways the building is built and the design as well
Taipei 101
My House
The economy also changes the the difference in houses too. Make the houses bigger or smaller.
School Library
It changes how the building looks from the outside and inside the building
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