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IIT University-Wide Orientation Meeting

No description

Alyssa Turner

on 24 May 2010

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Transcript of IIT University-Wide Orientation Meeting

IIT New Student
Summer 2010 Orientation Leaders Parent
Orientation Welcome Program SGA President Brian Kibbe Associate V.P. Jerry Doyle IIT President Anderson Dean of Students Doug Geiger Life on Campus housing and residential services IIT dining services Public Safety Student Life Counseling Services Health Services Spiritual Life Study Abroad OMSS CMC Library resources OTS Goals Students are #1 Social vibrancy address concerns of
specific student groups communicate
important info smooth logistics Game Night panel sessions student resource fair student organizations have the option
to register through Student Life and
participate in games and socializing
in the BOG: 7-9pm Please encourage any active student
groups you know to participate!

$50 for all 5 sessions, up to 4 students/group transfer students commuter students residential students undergraduates parent panel be engaging! let us know if you want to be included! great way to reach out to students get them excited and involved! Day 2: 9a-noon How can I get involved? Volunteer Opportunities! CHeck in/Move in: Day 1, 7:45a-9:00a

Greeters: Herman Hall, Day 1&2, 8:00a-9:30a

Student Resource Fair: Day 2, 9:00a-noon
Be visible and available! This summer:
know the Orientation dates

wear IIT gear/your nametag

walk around campus when able,
ready to help the incoming families

be familiar with the schedule/parking Be welcoming and enthusiastic! This may be their First visit to IIT

Greet visitors with a smile

Know what resources they
might need while here Designated OL's for parent groups
separate sessions from students
"Letting go" presentation
Campus safety session

graduate students Q&A sessions moderated by an OL,
without administrators present.
The audience is free to ask ANYTHING;
OLs trained to guide appropriate topics. communicate important information Thank you for coming! Chinonso "Chinny" Enwerem
Electric/Computer Engineering
3rd year Phil Karczewski
2nd year Jake Dohm
5th year Angela Ng
Civil Engineering
4th year Meagan Sarratt
4th year Namrata Hegde
3rd year Miriam Schmid
2nd year Brad Strandquist
Civil Engineering
4th year Ryan Tillman
Chemical Engineering
3rd year Kristina Veltri
2nd year Ciaran Shaughnessy
4th year Who?



When? All Incoming Students

Two days of programs to welcome,
inform, and prepare students and parents
to attend IIT

IIT Main Campus, [mostly HH, MTCC,

June 24-25
June 28-29
July 8-9
July 12-13
July 15-16
AUG 18-19 [international & graduate]
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