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Dallas City Presentation

For Class

Renee McDowell

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Dallas City Presentation

1.Table of Contents

2.Phisical Features
4.Recreational Activities
5.Sports Teams
7.Historical Events
8.Famous Residentes
12.Map of City
13.Travel Information
14Intersting Facts
15.Works Cited 7. Famous Resident: Dallas' most
famous resident is President George
Bush. 7.College/Universities
SMU-A Business School
TCU-A Teacher School
DCC-Known for Trustworthy
Paul Quinn College-AAC
And Many More Colleges! 9. Population
1,050,698 2.Phisical Features
Chalk Hill
Ceder Bluff
Bear Creak
Elm Fork (lake)
Bluebonnet Lakes 3.Wildlife:Dallas Has
and Bats. 5.Sports Teams
Dallas Stars
Dallas Mavs
Dallas Cowboys 4.Dallas`s Recreational Activities
include AMG, NASCAR, Cotton Bowl,
Horse Races, Adventure World, Gilly`s Dallas and
Mesquite Rodeo. 15.Work cited
Bing .com
Google Maps.com 11.Dallas` unique celebrations
include New Years Eve/Day and
Valentines Day. 7. Historical Events
Dallas became a part
of Texas in 1841. Then
John Neely Bryan named
Dallas after a restaurant.
Dallas also remained
peaceful without a war. 13.Travel Information
The average price hotel
in Dallas is $50-$100 per
night. The cost of the Dallas
Zoo is 6.00 per kid and 15.00
per adult. The Great Wolf
Lodge is 279.99 per night. 10.Economy
The types of jobs in Dallas
are Bankers, Waiters, Teachers
exc. But Dallas also has a
6.9% unemployment rate. Dallas
is also #1 in live stock. Dallas 14.Interesting Facts
Today right at this moment the
average age of a Dallas resident is
31.8 years old. 28.9% of people
who live in Dallas have a Bachelors
degree or higher. Dallas is the exact
place where JFK or John F. Kennedy
got shot. The first year of the State
Fair (which was held in Dallas) was in
1887. THE END!!!!! ` 8 ) Thank You
For Listening
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