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Marilyn Monroe's Fashion Affecting Modern Times

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Alexis S

on 4 May 2014

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Transcript of Marilyn Monroe's Fashion Affecting Modern Times

The Conflicts Created by Marilyn's Fashion
A major conflict made by her fashion was that many people complained that her clothes were way to much, or in other words, way to flashy and showing.
Some women did not agree with the way Marilyn dressed because what she wore was not always "modest".
The "Pros" of Marilyn's Fashion
Fashion designers are influenced by her style of fashion.
Women can now express their personality and dress the way they want.
Marilyn's Fashion Style
Marilyn's style was way different than what the average woman wore back in the time period of the 1900's.
She wanted to shine in front of cameras and parties, so she wore sparkley, shiny clothes that would always keep attention on her.
Although she sometimes had someone dress her, she had her own ideas of style too.
Marilyn would have different outfits for different occasions that she would attend, for example she wore a flesh-colored dress that was covered in rhinestones for President John F. Kennedy's birthday.
The Fashion Style of the 1900's
The style for women in the 1900's were big skirts, hats, blouses, and jewelry.
Once the 1950's came, so did Marilyn and she brought a whole new style along too.
Women then changed from the original style to follow Marilyn.
Women seen fashion in a new perspective and they took that chance to change what they wear.
Modern Fashion
The fashion for this time period has changed rapidly over time because of what Marilyn chose to wear.
Most women no longer wear dresses, skirts, and even jewelry everyday.
Women now have options of wearing pants, jeans, shirts, and other shoes instead of normal heels.
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How has Marilyn Monroe's Fashion Style Change the way Women Dress in Present Time?
Marilyn's fashion has had affects on the styles of many women today.
Even most celebrities still follow Marilyn and gather beauty tips from her.
Marilyn made it to where it was "OK" to wear flashy clothes with sequins or even a strapless dress instead of plain skirts, shirts, and head coverings that most women wore during the 1950's.
Since Marilyn wore body hugging clothes back in the 1900's, women today now wear clothes that express who they are.
Marilyn Monroe's Fashion Affecting Modern Times
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Fitzpatrick,Anna."Marilyn Monroe,Style Icon".http://www.thefashionspot.com/style-trends/18813-marilyn-monroe-style-icon/, 18 November. 2008.
Modern Style of Many Clothes
Some clothing that she has brought to women today is the sequin covered dresses, shirts, and even coats, strapless dresses, and high heals.
She also has made it to where women can wear comfotable clothes, for example tee-shirts and shorts/jeans, instead of always wearing fancy, dressy type of clothes.
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