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lion face syndrome

tissue and bones start to seperate and grow and is caused by a palsy

Jacob Clark

on 24 February 2011

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Transcript of lion face syndrome

Lion Face syndrome Lion face syndrome is not really a disease in
itself it is just symptoms of Pagets disease.
It is where connective tissue and bones
seperate and continually grow Leontiasis Ossea is another
name for lion face syndrome
or paget's connective tissue and bones seperate
and don't stop growing.
lion face syndrome
does severe damage
to your face that
is perminate. It doesn't
kill you just messses up
your face When you get lion face syndrome
it is pretty obvious that you have it.
your face hurts and it gets jacked up.
The bones get larger and it shows up
pretty obviously There is no known cure for it yet.
once your face gets deformed
it can never go back. The complications of this
are you have to walk around all the time
with a jacked up face and sometimes you
have to get surgery for infections etc Lion face syndrome
doesn't have many
groups because it is so
rare. There was a movie
made after this mutation called
"Mask" Sohttp://www.smiledentaljournal.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=154%3Alion-face-syndrome-a-rare-case-report&catid=907&Itemid=110urces:
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