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Presentation from MLT

Sylvie Mabilat

on 15 February 2014

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Transcript of i-Excel

i-Excel Journey
Presentation Skills
Self Development
Time Management
Managing Conflict
Our Gift
Who are you?
- Focus on what supports you.

Your self-talk
- Create empowering beliefs!

Ultimate awareness
- Emotional connection overrules!
Prepare and
Exit the “Sea of Sameness”
Personal Brand
Audience focuses on body language
- Gestures
- Presenter’s posture

Vocal Variant
- Volume
- Speed
- Tone

Get Your Non Verbal Elements Right and
You Will Be Remembered

Story Telling is very powerful:
- Be in the moment
- Create the world of your story

Engage with your audience:
- Ask questions
- Use prompts

Engage with the Audience and
They Will Stay Switched On
Discover which is your influence with The Klout score
Who you are: Call to action
Who you are: Tool

Discover your Goals

Start your Personal Business Plan

It has been challenging, fun,
nerve wrecking and inspiring
to have been part of iExcel
Trap 1
Head for the inbox!
Trick 1

Take 3 minutes a day
Tip 1:
Check out Post:
“Managing emails
more efficiently”
Tip 2:
Meeting Charter
& Best Practices
Trap 2

Back to back meetings!
Trick 2

Take 1 minute an hour

Tip 3:
Read Managing
Your Day
“Tricks and Traps”
Trap 3

Trick 3

No time hijackers – pings, alerts, QQs!
Tip 4:
Watch Ted Talk
Trick 4

Do it 30 times
Trap 4
Going round in circles!
Research shows that, 24% of managers’ time
goes in Conflict Resolution!
Conflict is:
What is conflict?
Two dimensional behavior, to resolve

Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Model (TKI)

Styles of Conflict

Two dimensional behavior,
to resolve conflict
Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Model (TKI)
Styles of Conflict
Styles of Conflict
Successful leaders know their own preferred
style of handling conflict, but
vary their style
to meet the needs of the situation...
Create your own Personal Statement based on your traits:

You are the Chief
Officer for the brand
called you,
but what others
say about your
brand is more
than what you say
about yourself
Define your circle of influence
Make sure that all boxes in your Personal checklist are checked:

Email signature
Directory Expertise / skills portfolio
Social Media
Online photographs
Build your own “Me Inc.”
i-Excel2 Cohort: 2011 - 2013
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