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How it works

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Fulbright Specialist Program

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of How it works

The Fulbright Specialist Program
How it works
Doug Mitchell
Fulbright Specialist to Chile

U.S. Citizens:
(Use the left and right arrows below
to navigate through the presentation)

Eligible applicants in
24 disciplines
online Roster applications that are evaluated by
peer review committees
in each field
If recommended,
an applicant joins the
Specialist Roster
and is eligible during a period of
five years for short-term grants at host institutions overseas
Host Institutions:
Eligible non-U.S.
institutions contact their local Fulbright commission
(or U.S. embassy) to inquire about the program in their country and submit a
Specialist Project
Request form
Fulbright Specialist Program

To increase the number of leading U.S. scholars in Fulbright academic exchanges
To encourage new activities that go beyond traditional Fulbright activities of lecturing and research
To promote increased connections between U.S. and overseas academic institutions in the Fulbright context
U.S. Specialists
work with non-U.S. host institutions on projects that address development needs, build capacity, and stimulate dialogue on topics of local and cross-national interest
Specialist activities include:
in all
world regions,
with more than 400 projects annually in over 130 countries

with grant lengths
of 2-6 weeks allowing a timely response to host institution needs
as Specialists contribute expertise while learning from their host community
How does the Specialist program work?
Click the play arrow above to hear Doug Mitchell's story
Nancy Scannell
Fulbright Specialist to
Visit the
Find a Specialist Project Opportunity
page to view Nancy's story
For more Specialist stories, visit
For more Specialist stories, visit
or contact


for more information
- Teacher training at the tertiary level

- Conducting needs assessments and evaluations

- Assisting with institutional and faculty development

- Developing or assessing curricula or educational materials

- Lecturing at graduate and undergraduate levels

- Consulting with administrators or instructors

- Leading special seminars or workshops

The Specialist Program is:
Fulbright Specialist Program: Impact
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