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No description

Neil Ganju

on 17 October 2016

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Transcript of NEERS_2016

Tidal wetland vulnerability
Assessing Estuarine Vulnerability through Model and Data Synthesis
Fagherazzi et al., 2013
Kirwan et al., 2010
Measuring sediment supply
Coastal Hazards
Geomorphic Change
Model Development
05 Nov 2012

21 May 2009

Barrier-island breach
at Mantoloking, NJ

Narrowest part of island

Breach closed within 5 d

Some geomorphic change in Bay

05 May 2009

Barrier-island breach
at New Inlet, NY

Within wilderness area

Breach still open

Dramatic change in water quality

05 Nov 2012


Coherence=temporal correlation at a given frequency and lag

Did coherence of water-level fluctuations
between offshore and bay change?

Notice that over 80% of low-frequency water level (storms)
makes it into the Bays

What caused higher water levels?
Rough than normal winter!

BerkeleyPatch (9 Oct 2013)

The Atlantic (13 Nov 2013)
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