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Health & Safety

No description

SUU Orientation

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of Health & Safety

Health & Safety
Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)
University Police
Staying Fit
What if I get sick?
CAPS provides:
Free and Confidential Individual, Couples, Career, Crisis, and Group Counseling
Bio-feedback Lab
Students learn to develop and maintain healthy stress management skills
CAPS Staff are licensed mental health professionals who specialize in student development issues.
The goal at CAPS is to help you find a balance in the many roles you play, and help you be successful in college and life.
To schedule an appointment:
Come to the CAPS office and complete some brief paperwork (15min)
Staff meets to determine the best match for student's concerns
Student and counselor work together to determine best course of action
Why would I go to CAPS?
Difficulties adjusting to college
Struggles in relationships
Family problems
History of abuse
Feeling seriously overwhelmed
Free Options
Indoor Track
Swimming Pool
Tennis Courts
Pickle Ball Courts
Fitness Classes which includes Zumba, Abs Lab, Body Pump, Kickboxing
and more!
Law Enforcement Services
P.O.S.T. certified and trained officers
Officers complete at least 40 hours of training a year as well as comply with University policy
Officers are trained to handle law enforcement situations
Any criminal activity i.e. accidents, graffiti, suspicious people, threats, etc. should be reported to the SUU police office
Lockout Service for vehicles on campus
Officers and office personnel are available to take fingerprints for students at SUU two days a week. The hours for fingerprinting are Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM. A fee of $10 for two sets of fingerprint cards and $5 for each additional fingerprint card.
Keeping Your Items Safe
Install a safety lock or tracker on your laptop
Don’t leave your book bag unattended
Always lock up your bike
Don’t leave valuables in plain sight
Don’t leave a large amount of cash in your room, even if it’s “hidden”
Keep your blinds pulled at night and when you’re out so thieves can’t see what’s “available” to them
Get your name or T # engraved on your valuable items in the SUU Police office.
Campus Patrols
To ensure campus safety, and enforce the campus and city laws, officers patrol campus regularly.

If you are ever feeling uneasy about walking around campus at night, call 586-1911 and an officer will gladly escort you to your car

The red emergency poles around campus call 911. Press the button to alert the SUU police to respond if there is ever an emergency.
Be Prepared.
Sign up for emergency text alerts in your suu portal.
Low Cost Options

SUU Fitness Center
$20 per month
$60 per semester
Get credit for working out! Take PE 1090

Rock Climbing

Kayaking Clinics

Intramurals (Flag Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer)
The Department of SUU Police has the motto,
“Working with you to make our university a safer place to learn”.
This is the every day goal to make sure your learning experience is safe and enjoyable. With the assistance of every member of our campus community this is a realistic and obtainable goal.
Be prepared.
Power Outage
Winter Storm
72 hour kit
Emergency Procedures in Flight School Planner
Possible contents:
Hand sanitizer
Glow Stick
Duct Tape
Water purifying tablets
First Aid Kit
Emergency Blanket
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