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Mermaids. Believe it or not?

No description

Reagan Frampton

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Mermaids. Believe it or not?

Mermaids. Believe it or not?
by Reagan Frampton
In recent years people have reported sightings of a creature that is half human-female, half-fish, in oceans around the world. Although most reports are either lies or misclassified marine animals, some cases are extremely baffling!
Why a mystery?
In 1883, Sir Arthur C. Doyle (who later created the character Sherlock Holmes) published a story about a ship named Marie Celeste. The ship was abandoned and left drifting. It is still a mystery that no one has figured out. Some believe that mermaids attacked the ship!
The Marie Celeste
Scientists belief's
Scientists generally agree that how mermaids form is biologically impossible. Showing that the legend of mermaids are exactly just legends.
Mermaids have been suspects of legends for milliums. There is no proof but there is evidence supported by scientific theory's that increases the plausibility of mermaids existence.
The first mermaid myth in Assyria in 1000 B.C. It told how a goddess named Atargatis became a mermaid: Atargatis was in love with a human shepherd, but accidentally killed him. Out of guilt, She flung herself into the ocean hoping to become a fish so no one would have evidence of the death. But her beauty was so great, that She never
became a fish, instead she became half goddess, half fish. Atargatis is the Goddess of Fertility of the Earth and Water.
Stories on what mermaids look like
From waist up is human and waist down is fish
Mermaids use Stingray Barb as weapons.
Estimated to be about 4 foot 9inches tall, pinkish skin, spikes along her head, fish looking mouth.
beautiful long blonde hair, and was eating salmon on a rock
Often mistaken as seals, porpoises, dugongs or manatees
Supposedly there is a mermaid that appears sometimes at sunset in Kiryat Yam, Israel. One of the first people to see the mermaid was Shlomo Cohen: “I was with friends when suddenly we saw a woman laying on the sand in a weird way. At first I thought she was just another sunbather, but when we approached, she jumped into the water and disappeared. We were all in shock, because we saw she had a tail,” Cohen was quoted as saying by Israel National News.
South Africa in 1991
About 30% of the remains of an unknown, human like creature was found in the belly of a dead Great White Shark in Southern Africa. The body was examined and determined to have hands and a human skull. A stingray barb was left jammed in the sharks jaws, this is claimed to be a mermaid weapon
From all of the stories about sightings of mermaids, I believe that some of the stories are just people asking for attention. but from the evidence, I believe mermaids
An acient skeleton of a mermaid (before the Flood, 8 millenniums ago) was found near Sozopol Beach by Professor Dimitrov
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books and websites
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