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A presentation to promote the AK-47

Mindy Xu

on 30 April 2011

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Transcript of AK-47

AK-47 It is a gun Before it is called "AK-46 AK47 rifle is the Soviet Union Firearms team led by Callas Kalashnikov.
AK47 is the improvement of AKM rifle. It is made at 1974.
It is the Soviet Union equipment‘s first small-caliber rifle, and it is the world's second large-scale equipment. AK47's first appeared is at November 7, 1974, when it was military parade on Red Square in Moscow.
Benefits It is good to use. This gun's part is only used 53% of AKM's parts. AK74 is simple, lightweight, strong, easy to use, reliable action, fierce fire, less breakdowns.
It is the world's production and equipment one of the largest number of rifle. AK47 is the important military equipment of Russia, and some countries use AK47 for military equipment, too. AK47 have double bayonets, and they are very sharpe. The bullet can go 900 meters per second, shoot 650 bullets per minute. AK74's accuracy greatly improved. Target To make it bettet. IT is crazy The Product Try to make it cheeper. Improve the killing effects, try to make smaller recoil, and high accuracy point.示对应的拉丁字符 SVD is a good gun, but many people do not like it. In Cross Fire , after testing, one shot, 148 steps, hit the upper body, K.O., take another step and shot, only left a box of blood ~ i am going to die now ~ This is the reason we hate it. But AK47 is different, the person will not die too fast (unless you are very good at shooting in Cross Fire). Why it is good SVD is the world famous gun, it is because they put "Mosin - Hanna" and the "AK series " together to make it. First public appearance in the November 7, 1974. Introduction Made in Soviet Union, Russia. There a little bit toxic materials in AK47. Many countries have AK technology. Russia's largest light arms factory, Izmir Marsh Inc. has filed for bankruptcy. Anticipate questions Try to make it have more
killing effects. Try to make AK47's barrel bigger. A Viedo of AK47 vs M16
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