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G eazy

No description

wendy ixcoy

on 18 May 2015

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Transcript of G eazy

Born- May 24, 1989 (age 25), Oakland, CA
G-Eazy grew up in Oakland, California and he received his education in Oakland California. His career got started when he first released his album "These Things Happen." The artists that influenced G-Eazy were Johnny Cash and Lil Wayne.
Start in music

G-Eazy got his start in music when he was a sophomore. During that time he was producing a number of singles while he was attending Loyola University of New Orleans. After that he went solo because he was in a band. When he went solo he started to release more songs such as "Waspy" and "Candy Girl".
Extra Info
G-Eazy confirmed that he was inspired to make music in the 9th grade geometry class mostly because he couldn't pay attention so he decided to write music during that class.
-The Epidemic LP
- Must Be Nice
- These Things Happen

*US top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums (Billboard) #1
- The Rise Of The Villain
Family Life

Interesting Facts
G-eazy is not married he is single. But G-eazy has a younger brother. His name is James and he plays the trumpet.
Gerald's (G-eazy) mom was a single mother who moved her children in with their grandparents. He lived in a house full of family members and they were all musicians. This caused him to get inspired in music also. Also this sets an example that you don't need a music label to make music or have a following. Another thing is that earlier in his life he played the piano but he hated it.
G-eazy in my opinion isn't really important to the history of Rock and Roll. He is a Hip Hop artist who is best known for his 2011 cover of the 60's hit Runaround Sue.
Now days he regrets not learning how to play the piano. A large part of his musical influences was The Beatles and also because he was raised with that type of music. An interesting fact is that his brothr James attended Loyola Universities of New Orleans.
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