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Wise Old Woman

By Carmen Rossi

Sylvia Rossi

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Wise Old Woman

Wise Old Woman Carmen Rossi Lonely Slide The End Symbolism Theme Figurative Language Resolution Climax Summary A cruel lord, of a small village in the southern hills of Japan, declared that any
person over the age of 71 shall be
banished from the
town and forced to parish in the mountains. As the farmer slowly carried his mother up the
mountain, he began to think he does not care what
the lord thinks. He will stay with his mother always and forever. He carried his mother back to the village and, upon his return, Lord Higga from a town beyond the hills, demanded three impossible tasks, and if the towns people did not accomplish these tasks, he would claim the village as his own. Aging is like reading a story. The farther you get to the end of the books, the more you know about what has happened in it. You read your story to others, to give them advice on how to write their own story. The old woman represents wisdom. The Lord who banishes the old people represents dishonor and disrespect. Elderly people are wise, and should be treated with respect. They know more about life than anyone else, and should be listened to. Exposition Rising Action A young farmer and his mother lived happily together in the Lord village for many years, but his mother was growing older and older. She was now 71, and her son knew what he had to do. Falling Action After the farmer heard these tasks, (to create 1000 ropes of ash, a drum that sounds without a hit, and a single piece of silk thread be threaded through a winding, twisting hole,) he ran to his mother for help. He asked her how he could accomplish these tasks. She did not find these tasks difficult. She solved each of the challenges, and Lord Higga left their village at peace. After Lord Higga retreated, the other Lord began to question the farmer, "Tell me honestly, who has helped you solve all these difficult problems?" The farmer then told the Lord about how he had broken the law and hid his mother under the floor of his house, for it was her who solved the tasks. The Lord thought about this, and then realized that age contains wisdom. He apologized to the townspeople and the law was no more. Components of the Story
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