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The Walking Dead vs. The Road

How Humanity is viewed

Sean Rampersad

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of The Walking Dead vs. The Road

The world has gone through a nuclear war. You and your son manage to survive two years in an underground shelter but as you run out of resources, you decide to leave. You and your son walk safely into the woods and follow the track to continue your adventure. Do you either:
1. Stay, hoping that you can find a cure.
2. Leave the community, leaving your son behind. The man keeps his promise and brings you and the child to the safe zone, but you begin to get a fever, which is a symptom of transforming into a zombie. You go deeper into the forest, but as you stop to check out the goods in the bag, you noticed that you had a bite mark. You realize that a zombie bit you, and you started to have a fever. Do you either:

1. Trust him and surrender your weapons.
2. Go your own way, turning your back on him. You go to the campsite to search for food and you find a bag filled with nutritious delight, but unfortunately it's surrounding by hungry zombies. BUT you know you're running out of supplies. You Start Here Do you:
1. Go look for someone to help you in any shape or form.
2. Gather up all the resources you can and go on a journey in hopes of finding a safer place to live. You choose to ask a man who is walking down the street for help, but because he is out of resources himself, he kills you and your son and takes whatever you are carrying. Do you either:

1. Investigate the campsite and take whatever you can find.
2. Ignore the campsite and don't take any chances. Day One You and your son go deeper into the forest where you become surrounded by a horde of zombies. You try to defend yourself but there are too many zombies and they eventually get hold of you and tear you apart piece by piece. You eventually turn into a zombie and you cause the entire community to become infected, killing everybody, including your son, in the community. THE END You leave the community accepting that you're going to turn into a zombie, but instead of waiting around and taking the chance, you ensure the safety of not only the community, but the safety of your son as well. THE END Interactive, you choose your faith. The Walking Road Game Out of the woods, a man approaches you. He says that he doesn't mean no harm and he was simply hunting for food. Seeing how exhausted you and your son are, he offers to bring you to a safe community where you and your son can live in peace, but to go with him, he asks you to give him your weapon cause he claims it's a precaution. You see smoke coming in the middle of the forest, and you decide to walk towards it. It turns out to be a campsite. You decide to tell the lumberjack to go his own way, and threatening him that if you ever see him again, you'll kill him. Later that night, you decide to set up camp. You and your son fall asleep, but in the middle of the night, you wake up to the sound of zombies ambushing your campsite. There's too much to defend and they eventually eat you limb by limb. You grab the bag and find that it is filled with not only food, but medicine and a tent. You are set for weeks. You see how safe the community is. There are other kids who your son can play with. You can truly start over here, but you don't know what to do with yourself.
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