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Blended learning syllabus

for a CLIL project

József Horváth

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Blended learning syllabus

How to use blended learning techniques in CLIL
This course aims to provide you with inspiration for and experience in participating in a rich learning environment. It relies on your previous knowledge and skills in teaching. And it enhances that experience by assisting you in planning your own blended learning courses in English. Fifteen units are planned, of which five will be managed entirely as e-learning.
Tutor and classes
Tutor: Horváth József
Email: jozsefhor@gmail.com
Blog: jozsefhor.com
Classroom sessions: Thursdays, 4-5:30 pm, A 424
E-learning sessions: Mar 27, Apr 3, Apr 10, May 1 and May 15
Office: A 548
Office hours: Wed 9-10, Thu 9-10:30, Fri 12-1:30

Feb 6. Introduction
Feb 13. Needs analysis
Feb 20. Social media in CLIL: Flipboard
Feb 27. From online to mobile: Podcasts
Mar 6. Hoaxes and urban legends
Mar 13. Ebook consumption
Mar 20. Ebook creation
Mar 27. Ebook consumption
Apr 3. Scaffolding collaboration: CooSpace forum
Apr 10. Presentation skills: Narrative talk and prezi
Apr 17. Presentation skills: Using presenter notes
May 1. Scaffolding collaboration: Dropbox and Google Drive
May 8. Participants’ show-and-tell presentations
May 15. Social media in CLIL: Web conferencing with Google Hangouts
May 22. Conclusion
Technical guidance
We will use various hardware and software for this course, both at home and at the university. To start preparing, check whether you have a gmail account, which will be necessary for several tasks this semester. When you have it, please send a message to me at jozsefhor@gmail.com from your gmail address.
Specific aims: In this course, you will

gain an insight into the theory and the practice of content and language integrated learning (CLIL)
improve skills to use English fluently and appropriately when teaching your subject matter
build general communication skills in English
experience, review and evaluate a variety of blended learning techniques and formats
find authentic materials for teaching your subject in English
consume and create CLIL content using various hardware and software tools
reflect on the benefits and shortcomings of blended learning
evaluate the usefulness of the tasks we have done
learn how you can plan the structure of your own blended learning syllabuses
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