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Hand in Hand

This Prezi was designed for my portfolio presentation at Marshall University.

Rikki Lowe

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand
Reflections through a Doctoral Journey
Who was I then?
As a student?
As a teacher?
As an adjunct faculty member?
As a researcher?
As a writer?
As a professional?
Collaborative Experiences
TEAM: Together Each Accomplishes More

My role as a public school teacher
My role as an adjunct faculty member
My role as a presenter
My role as a researcher
My role as a doctoral student
Depth of Knowledge:
Personal Philosophy of Curriculum
Although my overall view of curriculum is greatly influenced by the work of Dr. Nel Noddings, my theory resembles a patchwork quilt. My theory is fashioned with a traditional and gendered perspective, a phenomenological method, and a political and poststructural form.
Final Words
As I reach the peak of this mountainous trail in my doctoral journey, I feel prepared to blaze new trails, including the writing of my dissertation.
Thank you!
Depth of Knowledge:
Area of Emphasis
From coursework to presentations, my area of emphasis has empowered me to create a paradigm shift through my use of technology within the classrooms, based on gendered curricular theory and game theory.
From my first IRB experience in 2009 to now, research now gives joy rather than dread; additionally
allowing me to
carve out a niche
for myself within
the realm of
Throughout all my courses I have taken as a doctoral student, one of the most pivotal experiences occurred in CI 677: Writing for Publication.
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