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"Tops and Bottoms" Common Core

Whole group for Day 1, to be used with your teacher edition.

Luke Bergeson

on 3 November 2012

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Transcript of "Tops and Bottoms" Common Core

What can we do to make sure solutions are fair? Turn to pgs. 300-301. Amazing Words Write these words. distribute divvy reasonable satisfaction convince official humiliate claim vain jealous distribute divvy reasonable satisfaction Listen for these words as I read "The Great Divvy-Up." Phonics spell blue split squeak strike squirrel stripe three splish thread splendid consonant blends Turn to pg. 302. Comprehension Author's Purpose Predict and Set Purpose Read "Salsa Garden" on pg. 306. Vocabulary http://prezi.com/txstg1fapnyq/tops-and-bottoms-comprehensive/ http://quizlet.com/_4f97r Conventions http://prezi.com/txstg1fapnyq/tops-and-bottoms-comprehensive/
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