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AR: Big Dog Presentation

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tonia ziegler

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of AR: Big Dog Presentation

BIG DOG : Military Robot Mule
It Was Built Using Biorobotic Principles
Big Dog has four legs that are articulated like an animal’s,
It has compliant elements to absorb shock and recycle energy from one step to the next.
Big Dog runs at 4 mph.
It climbs slopes up to 35 degrees. walks across rubble.
It carries 340 lb load.
Big Dog Was Designed to Reduce the Load On A Soldier's Back
Big Dog specializes in rough-terrain.
It walks, runs, climbs and carries heavy loads.
BigDog's walking pattern is also controlled through four legs, each equipped with four low-friction hydraulic cylinder actuators that power the joints.
An Onboard Computer Controls Its Locomotion, Navigation and Balance
The onboard computer uses input that it receives from the robot's various sensors.
Approximately 50 sensors are located on Big Dog. That measure:
the attitude
acceleration of the body
motion and force of joint actuators
engine speed
and hydraulic pressure inside the robot's internal engine.
It may make it easier for US Soldiers to travel upon Afghanistan;'s mountainous terrain.
It may help US Soldiers evacuate a wounded/fallen comrade.
But in the wrong hands, it may give the enemy a new way to deliver an improvised explosive device.
Big Dog Can Help Soldiers Better Manuever On All Terrain
With the success of more trials and modifications, it may become able to perform infantry combat or have a role in the consumer market in personal security/home safety.

This could impact the volunteer military forces and military contracting sectors with careers that appear to "safer" and opportunities for software developers who can program the Big Dog control system.
Big Dog Has Been Modified With An Arm That Can Pick Up And Throw Up To 50 Pound Objects

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