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by: Scott & Katie

Katie Lavallee

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Telus

'The future is friendly!' One of Canada's leading telecommunication companies, provides a full range of communications products and services for Canadians Telus was first created in 1990 by the
government of Alberta as a holding
company, until 1995 when it absorbed
Edmonton Telephones, owning all the
telephone service's in the province! In
1996 it was introduced to the public
and it was a huge hit. In 1999, Telus merged with BC-Tel and became the 2nd largest communication company in Canada, employing almost 37,00 poeple a year and making almost 10 billion dollars a year! Telus has offered alot of new opportunities for people to support, such as offering a service to downlad adult videos to their phones and selling plush dolls of a hippo to raise money for the Calgary Zoo Telus has donated over 91 million dollars to charities all across Canada and built the home field for the Edmonton Capitals (Telus Field). Telus has also sponsered the work of science museums all across the country including the Calgary Science Center and the Odyssium in Edmonton. Telus recently went worldwide, making a new branch called Telus International. The main Headquarters is located in the Phillipines and it is said to employ over 7000 people.
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