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AFTC-Chapter 3-Initiating the Training Process

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Lori Kelly

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of AFTC-Chapter 3-Initiating the Training Process

Air Force Training Course
Chapter 3-Initiating the Training Process
Objective (3a)
Without reference, identify procedures used in the initiation of the training process with at least a 70% accuracy.
Initial Orientation
To introduce and orient newly assigned personnel to the workcenter:
Initial Evaluation
Different from the Orientation, the Evaluation is used to determine the qualifications of the newly assigned individual:
Defining Training Requirements
During the Evaluation, you will compare the trainee skills to the duty position requirements:
CDC Administration
CDCs are utilized in conjunction with On-The-Job Training (OJT). CDCs contain general broad knowledge about the career field and allow the trainee to self-study.
CDC Administration
Once the trainee has finished the final volume and URE, the supervisor will initiate a comprehensive review of the entire CDC
CDC Administratrion
If a trainee completes the CDC End-Of-Course examination with a passing score, the member continues on in training until upgraded. However if the trainee fails the exam, the following are the requirements:
Creating Documentation
Below are two videos for creating documentation entries into AFTR and TBA, the two systems used for Training Records within the squadron:
Initial Evaluation and Orientation Process
Define Training Requirements
CDC Administration
Conducted within 60 days of assignment by supervisor
Orientation must include:
What the member will be doing
Duty hours
Safety requirements
All requirements for upgrade and/or qualification training
Responsibilities of trainee, trainer, task certifier and supervisor
Orientation must be documented on AF Form 623a or appropriate electronic training system
Also conducted within 60 days of assignment (NOTE: can be conducted in conjunction with orientation)
Evaluation will include:
Review/evaluation of Formal Training Course
AFSC, duty position, core/deployment/UTC requirements listed in CFETP
CDC requirements
Supervisor and trainee requirements as outlined in AFI 36-2201 and CFETP
Supervisors are encouraged to allow trainees to complete course work during duty hours, however only if mission allows.
Review Master Task Listing for Duty Position
Review CFETP column for 3-skill level tasks to validate what trainee learned at training
Review CFETP column for 5-skill level tasks and core tasks for what trainee will be learning.
Annotate review of each document on member's AF Form 623a or automated training record.
Tasks that the trainee cannot perform to the appropriate level are defined as Individual Training Requirements (ITR). These requirement are what the trainee will start training upon
CDC are not available for all AFSCs
All CDCs available are now electronic
Supervisors will issue volumes in the order of training (does not need to be sequential)
Each volume has a 30 day time limit
At the end of each volume, trainee will complete open-book Unit Review Exercise (URE)
If the trainee scores less than 100% the supervisor must review with trainee and correct answers to 100%
As with all training, progress must be documented on AF Form 623a or appropriate electonic training record
The UTM will schedule the end-of-course examination for up to 30 days after the start of review
All stages of CDC administration must be documented in the AF Form 623a or appropriate electronic equivalent
1st Failure:
Supervisor, UTM and Trainee will meet with Commander to discuss failure reasons
Placed in mandatory study period for 60 days
Allow to retest once supervisor feels member is ready
2nd Failure:
Supervisor, UTM and Trainee meet to discuss consequences of final failure.
Commander will determine:
Waiver of CDC course
Recommend removal from AFSC and retrain
Recommend separation for Air Force
Student Lesson Quiz
1. A supervisor must complete the initial within ___ days?
2. Who determines CDC volume sequence?
3. When scoring a trainees unit review exercises, what must be done if a member scores less than 100%?
4. After the second CDC failure a trainee is allowed a third attempt?
Student Lesson Quiz
5. Tasks that the trainee cannot perform are define as ______________________.
6. When do you not perform documentation on a trainee's record?
AFTR - Air Force Training Record Video
Instructor: Lori Kelly
TBA - Training Business Area Video
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