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FLL World Class Project Outline

No description

Kathy Sizemore

on 13 September 2014

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Transcript of FLL World Class Project Outline

Choosing your Topic
Project, what Project?
Research &

Resources Available
Temecula, CA
Choosing your topic:

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
― Benjamin Franklin
Think of a creative and entertaining way to share your project with others and the judges.

Share your project with others prior to tournament. Sharing is required to receive a project award.
Sharing with those who would benefit from your solution scores a team as Accomplished or Exemplary.
Create a project display board about your project & solution. Include all aspects of your team's project research and solution development.
Use your display board to share with others.
Share with others in your team's pit at tournament.
Take into judging session to share with judges.
Brainstorm with team-
Think about all the topics you have learned in the last day, week, or month-
Available on the World Class Web page
under Supplemental Materials.
Kathy Sizemore
3 yr Mentor/Coach FLL team Electrolights
FIRST volunteer & judge, FLL,FTC,FRC
Finance/Accounting Background
Security Systems Background
Technology/SciFi Geek
Married to an Engineer
Presenting Your Project and Solution
Use multiple sources for your research.
How are people currently learning about your topic?
Developing your Innovative Solution
Verify the originality of your team's solution
Does your solution already exist?
Google Search
Ask professionals
Do a prior art search?
Consider the cost of and the ease of manufacturing your solution.
Is it feasible?
Implementation of your Solution
Judging Rubrics
FLL World Class Resources
Amplify Tablet for Education
Tablets with Google for Education
Who participates in the project?
The whole team!
Everyone on the team will need to participate in the judging session.
Every team member should be knowledgeable about the project.
Every team member should be prepared to answer the judges questions.
Identify a team member to be responsible for documenting the team's research (Bibliography), Research Director.
What is this year's project?
Choose a topic you are passionate about or always wanted to learn about.
Write a World Class Question "How could we improve the way that someone learns..."
Create an innovative solution that improves the learning experience.
Mission-To find a better or more innovative way to help someone learn.
Share your solution with others!
Identify a question worksheet on the FLL World Class Challenge page under supplemental materials.

Classroom, playground or park
Activity Center - Band Room, Art Studio, Karate Dojo
Nature Area such as forest or beach.
Brainstorming with the team at a Classroom White Board works great.
Your team's topic and question can be geared to a specific group, such as people with learning disabilities, handicaps, non English speakers.
Write your team's World Class Question based on the topic you Brainstormed together as a team.
"How could we improve the way someone learns..."
This may be your team's first exercise in using their Core Values.
The rubrics the judges will use to judge your team are available on the FLL Challenge website. Use them to help you guide your team!
Magazine Articles
Newspaper Articles
Internet, Websites
Document your research sources as you go.
Aim for 3-4 different types of information sources. Accomplished and Exemplary ratings include speaking with professionals.
Use the Engineering Design Process to guide your team in developing their solution.
Your team's solution doesn't have to be a brand new concept. Your solution may:
Be a way to better improve an already existing solution.
Use already existing technology, utilized in a new or different manner.
Share and collaborate with professionals in the development of your team's innovative solution.
Create a physical prototype of your solution.
What do you do if your solution already exists?
Celebrate your team's accomplishment!
Go through the Engineering Design Process again.
How can this solution be improved and made better?
Have Fun! You've worked hard and learned lots!
You only have 10 mins with the judges.
5 mins for presenting and 5 mins for Q&A
Setting up for your presentation is included in your 5 mins.
Anything you need for your presentation (projector, computer) needs to be provided by YOU! Plan ahead and Be Prepared!
A couple ideas to get you started:
We do the work to find solutions with guidance from our coaches and mentors.
Select one team member to lead with Solution.
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