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BigData Analytics for Advertising using Web Mining

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soumya lingam

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of BigData Analytics for Advertising using Web Mining

Project Overview
Problems and Motivation
Project Goals and Objectives
Project Architecture
System Architecture
3- Tier Architecture
Big Data Analytics for Advertising using Web Mining
With the advance of Internet and wireless network technologies, how to build and support business-centered big data analytic service is becoming a very hot topic. Many people believe that more big data analytic solutions and services are needed to support business people to perform business market analysis and make intelligent decisions. This project focuses on subject relating to big data analytic services on marketing and advertising in e-commerce. The primary objective is to develop a web-based data analytics service framework and system to support business users to perform big data-based marketing and advertising analysis based on available big data resources and web mining techniques. To develop this analytic

service system for business users, different APIs and tools will be used to collect online product marketing and advertising information, and selected big data mining and analysis techniques will be used to perform domain-specific data collection, mining and analysis, and visualization. The expected project outcomes include: (a) domain-specific big data analytic framework with web service APIs, (b) a domain-specific data modeling, data repository, and data mining and analytic processes and algorithms, and (c) a prototype service system with a program demo and a project report.

Expected Project Results and Deliverables
System Design
Activity Diagrams
Sequence Diagram
Class Diagram
Data Flow Diagram
Project Implementation
Ad Search
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