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Imran Khan vs Obama

No description

Samia Khursheed

on 8 December 2013

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Transcript of Imran Khan vs Obama

Obama won the elections by converting the every day people into engaged and empowered voluntarily, donors and advocates through social networks
5 million people on social media networks
2.5 million Facebook supporters
115000 followers on twitter
15 million viewers spent 12 millions houres in viewing the campaign
sent 1 billions emails
member list of 13 million
3 million mobile sms on election day 3 texts per person
Comparitive analysis of Obama and Imran Khan Media Strategies
first of all to be available for the online users the Barack Obama showed the web Presence
www.barrakobama.com and supported through MyBO
the focus was to create relationships merely raising the money
the mail goal was to increase the number of user not to raise money
Imran Khan Media compaign
coordinator of the imran khan social media campaign was Dr. Awab Alvi
there were hundreds and thousands of the fans of the Imran khan on facebook, Twitter and flicker managed by the imran khan social media coordinating teams
PTI broke 11 global twitter trends.
goals of the campaign were just to motivate the people rather them simply telling them the stories
theories were just simply focused on the ordinary people
Imran khan adopt Obama stategy
Purposes of the campaign
What about Imran Khan
Obama Campaign was properly and carefully designed and implemented
it was mad by the volunteers and general public
target of Obama Campaign was general public but and technological factor came into play its role
PTI or Imran Khan focused on urban area neglecting the rural areas as due to ignorent unawareness of the rural people
application of the different tools was implemented right after one another when it was needed but the Khan's strategy was mixed and confused many times messages were just passed simultaneously leaving no impact and impression on its target audience
strategy myopia obama social media focused on policy of change and solutions to the problem
Khan's media strategy kept busy in celebrity endorsement rather than focusing on issues and pro blems facing by the Pakistani nation
Khan's Failure
PPP and PML N use to take advantage of feudalism which PTI lacked.
targeting the youth aging 18-40 of urban areas are not the sufficient segment to target
urbanization supported khan but we can not neglect the rural areas.
irrespective to Obama who had the well aware, educated, nearly 90% popluation using social media technology and other factors contributed towards his success
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