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Developmental Service-Learning

No description

Cate Kaluzny

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Developmental Service-Learning

A Practical Approach to Service-Learning with Communication Skills Students Developmental Service-Learning A Variety of Approaches
to Service-Learning
for Developmental Students Preparation and Planning Implementation Future Planning Lessons Learned Characteristics of Developmental Students and the Challenges of Creating Service-learning Experiences for Them
. Letters and Supplies
Military Personnel Garden Work
Historical Property Children's Literacy
Project Lynn Museum
Civil Rights Movement Exhibition
Connect with military and Veterans Services
Guide students
Engage students Making connections with the optimal site
Optional or full-class participation
Ensuring high level of participation
Designing an assignment that optimizes the learning experience for students Find a community partner
Promote the project
Create the connection to classroom learning
Manage paperwork (CORI) Create the Project (Selecting among Options)
Use Technology
Craft the Connection Between Service and Learning Service-Learning and Student Retention Participation in Service-Learning Courses Leads to Plans for Continued Study (Galini & Moley, 2003). Writing Letters to Military Personnel Garden Work at Historical Property Learning in the community can improve class attendance and grades (Shumer, 1997). Studies showed improved ability to apply what is learned in the "real world," increased abilities to understand complexities, problem, analysis, critical thinking, and cognitive development (Eyler et al., 2001). Children's Literacy Project Facilities
Have an alternative project for students who do not pass CORI
Get the word out that this is a unique service-learning project to prospective students Selecting audience for letters is crucial

Consult experts about formulating writing

Minimize legwork Students must stay flexible
Impact of learning beyond the classroom Lynn Museum Civil Rights Movement Exhibition Planning is key
Students need clear goals both academic and practical
Allow community partners to take an active role in project Developmental Education North Shore Community College Service-Learning Program Nearly 60% of all students take at least one developmental course

Statistics about persistance and retention Background Activity- interests inventory
Community needs and assets inventory Thank-You Christian Bednar,
Instructor, Communications Skills

Jeremy Branstad,
Instructor, Communications Skills

Russell Green (Lead Presenter)
Assistant Professor of Communications Skills
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