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Explore an Island

No description

Safa Baccari

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of Explore an Island

Where? Why?
Bora Bora is located in the pacific ocean, neighboring a few other islands. Bora Bora only has 5.000 inhabitants. A real treat for those in search of tranquility.
Bora Bora is a very interesting island. It is an eden with its biodiversity and it's natural beauty. Peasant to the eye and calming to t senses. A real celebration of Earth.
Bora Bora offer many activities despite its size ..
Enjoy an adventurous ride around the island of Bora Bora on a 4X4 Jeep Safari. Visit 3 villages and 4 lookout points where you`ll get an amazing view over the lagoon. Your English-speaking guide will also take you to the historical site where US Army cannons remain from World War II
Make some waves in Bora Bora or Set Your Sails for Bora Bora

The special activity of bora bora, as it is only available in this little piece of paradise.
Thank you!
Bora Bora
it is an overseas collectivity of the French Republic, in other words a part f French polynesia. We can say it is a tiny island as it is of an area that does not go beyond 23 Km². Bora Bora has an intersting shape, and that's what gives her, her beauty.
Explore an Island
Partially Submerged Picnic
This might be your only chance to have an underwater picnic
You will certainly Have fun, so Come it will be unforgettable
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