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Who was the Fashion Designer that Inspired the 1950's Fashion?


Odyssia Klitsidis

on 30 August 2014

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Transcript of Who was the Fashion Designer that Inspired the 1950's Fashion?

Who was the Designer that Inspired the 1950's Fashion?
Like any other era, the 1950’s fashion had its own sense of style. When Christian Dior’s “New Look” with its longer, sweeping skirts, fitted waist, and soft rounded shoulders in 1947, everything changed! Dior’s designers were to dominate but not everyone was thrilled. Dior was unstoppable he remained influential until he died in 1957. Christian Dior was one of the best designers in the world.
Information Report
Book Review
Happy Days Song
Everything Changed!!!
Sunday, Monday Happy Days
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Fine Arts
Journal Entries
Wednesday the 7th of July
We have just started IRT. What I was going to do for my IRT was music by I wasn’t too happy with it so I changed to fashion in the 1950’s. I am really excited but at the same time I am really scared because I think that I won’t finish in time and that I won’t get things done properly. But I am sure will do great! When I am older I will back on this project and be happy with it. For this project, I will be trying to look for fashion shows as my topic is fashion and if there is I will try to find tickets. The other things that I might do are that I might go to my local library and find some books on the 1950’s. What I think of IRT is that it is going to be very fun and it’s going to be an experience that I will never forget! What i have done so far is that I have chosen mt topic and have done my brainstorm
Monday the 10th September
Today I am in a really happy mood because I am nearly finished my fine arts. I am so excited about it! Although, I am really nervous about my Prezi because I am still getting to know how to use it. I am also really nervous about my presentation which is next week. You know what I think I am going well. What I have learned during IRT is that I know how to make a collage on a canvas, I know how to stick a picture onto foam board and cut it out and I know how to use Prezi which was really fun!!
Any Questions?
Peter Pan Collar
Now i would like
to take you
back in time
where it all began...... Enjoy
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