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Kool-Aid Timeline

Kool-Aid Timeline

Kelly Reis

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Kool-Aid Timeline

1) Edwin Perkins, the creator of
Kool-aid, was born. 2) He Invented
a drink
called Fruit
Smacks 3) Perkins Found out how
to remove the liquid
from Fruit Smacks
and called the powder
Kool-Ade. 4) In June, the name was changed to Kool-Aid since Ade was meant for real fruit drinks. 5) Kool-Aid started
selling worldwide. 6) Since Kool-Aid was
becoming so popular,
Perkins stopped making
all of his other products.
To be closer to his materials,
he moved to Chicago. 7) The Kool-Aid price is lowered to 5 cents because of the Great Depression and still remains popular. 8) Other Kool-Aid based products were made like pie filling, ice cream powder mix, pudding mix,bubble gum and a soda were made. These only did well in Nebraska. 9) Kool-Aid was the most recognized
product in the country, selling 323 million
packets a year. 10) Perkins sold the entire
Kool-Aid franchise to General Foods. 11) The Pitcher Man was created
by Marvin Plotts and became
the Kool-Aid man in 1975. 12) General Foods was taken over by Kraft. 1889 1921 1927 1927 1929 1931 1931 1934 1950 1953 1954 1970 Kool-Aid
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