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Leadership and Management

BSc Leadership & Management Workshop

Paul Balwant

on 6 June 2017

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Transcript of Leadership and Management

Leadership & Management
Leadership and Management
Opening Activity
1. On your worksheet, DRAW 'leadership'.
2. Exchange drawing with a nearby person.
3. Critique your neighbour's representation of leadership.
4. Return your neighbour's worksheet.
Leadership and Management
The use of power and influence to direct the activities of followers toward goal achievement
Use of authority inherent in designated formal rank to obtain compliance from organizational members.
Who Becomes a Leader?
Leadership Styles
Leadership and Decision-Making
Thirteen Days
Day-to-Day Behaviours
Initiating Structure
Defining and structuring the roles of employees for goal attainment
Creating job relationships characterized by mutual trust, respect, and consideration of employees’ feelings
Transformational Leadership
A pattern of behaviors that inspires followers to commit to a shared vision that provides meaning to their work and sets the leader up as a role model who helps followers reach their potential
Transformational Leadership
How Important is Leadership?
Final Activity
Leadership Foundations
Participants are assigned various well-known leadership roles for individuals and/or small group.
Report-out occurs in the total group.
Form two-person groups (pairs).
Complete activity on worksheet.

Time required: 20 minutes total (10 minute prep + 10 minute report-out)
Leadership Foundations
Imagine that a space alien is stranded on Earth and waiting for the next galactic launch window for a trip home.

The alien makes the classic request, “Take me to your leader!”

For the type of leader chosen, you will attempt to highlight for the alien
what is truly distinctive about this kind of leadership
, that is, what can be seen more clearly about human leadership in this particular role than can be seen in many other kinds of leadership role.
Leadership Foundations
If you were showing the alien
a football coach
, you might call attention to which situations require the coach to use initiating structure, consideration, transformational leadership, and/or autocratic vs involving others in the decision.
Leadership Foundations
Pairs choose the type of leader to focus on
Read the list of leadership roles and situations and choose one to focus on (try to know the situation quite well).
Leadership Foundations
Roles and Situations
Leadership you might see:
in an inner city street gang.
by a symphony orchestra conductor.
by an athletic coach.
in an emergency rescue squad.
in the cast and crew of a Hollywood film set.
by a college professor.
during a meeting where a person is informed he/she has been fired.
Leadership you might see:
by a talk show host.
on a battlefield.
by a social worker in a nursing home.
by a stock broker.
by a single, working mother.
by an undertaker.
by a market researcher
Leadership Foundations
Roles and Situations
Leadership you might see:
by a design engineer.
by a football colour commentator.
by an office temp employee.
by a fashion designer.
by a night club D.J.
by an entrepreneur in a toy business.
by a physical fitness consultant.
Leadership you might see:
by a prison guard.
by a firm’s interviewer of potential new hires from an MBA program.
by a supervisor on a construction project.
in a sales presentation.
after an earthquake.
by a bartender.
during a “fast break” in a basketball game.
Leadership Foundations
Student pairs conduct their discussions, focusing on the truly distinctive leadership requirements of the role or situation they have. What should a space alien pay particular attention to if he/she/it wants to understand human leadership?

Time: 10 minutes
Leadership Foundations
Total group convenes.
Create list related to broader concepts of leadership.

Unit Time: 10 minutes
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