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How Fast

No description

Kevan Khakpour

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of How Fast

I was searching for a project on the internet, and I stumbled onto this one. I thought it was cool, and I decided to do this project, because
it seemed simple and interesting. Plus, I think it is a project no one did before. It seemed unique.
The Materials that are needed are:
12 test subjects (6 boys and 6 girls; grade 7).
A passage for the subject that can read out loud (about 100 words)
Paper and pencil to record the results
Talking with

By: Kevan


Research Question

My research question is:

Which gender (male or female) can talk faster with accuracy?
The challenge is discovery because I
will discover how fast boys and girls can talk with accuracy.
The purpose of this project
is to find out
which gender in this age
group has faster reflexes. We
can debate if males or females
have have better reflexes.

Print a passage for the test subjects to read. Do an accurate word count and determine the number of words in passage.
Let test subject read over the passage once in their head.
Give them a countdown (3, 2, 1, go). On “go” they read as fast as they can.
If the test subject made an error, such as saying a word wrong, hesitation, etc, record it.
Record mistakes and time on paper.
Repeat steps on 11 other subjects.
Finishing by making a chart with all the results
Independent Variable-
How fast can each gender talk with accuracy.
Dependent Variable-
The rate of how fast the subjects can talk.
Controlled Variable-
The passage for the test subjects
I hypothesize that the male gender would have lesser errors and a faster time rate
than the females.
I don't have a reason of picking the male side; I am just making an educated guess.
Time Taken
Errors Made
As you can see, The males' time was faster than the females'. So this shows that males have faster reflexes.
The females had more errors than the males did. Although some of them had been "tied", the overall average for the females were higher.
My Hypothesis was correct. I was correct that the males' had less errors and a faster time rate
Sources of Errors
There was a few problems I had along the way. Firstly, I was originally going to get 20 Test subjects, but I was unable to find 20, so I ended up with 12. Also I couldn't find a controlled area for my test subjects. I also had other errors, but these 2 seemed the most effective.
Overall, I don't think my expo was a success. There was just too many major errors I had and I was unable to gather enough information I needed to finish the expo. Because of this, my Science Expo wasn't a success. Although it wasn't a success. I still had fun.
What I am doing
For this year's science expo, I decided to see which gender
can read faster with
the least amount of errors.
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