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1BD group2 Super Frog Saves Tokyo

No description

Nate Madison

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of 1BD group2 Super Frog Saves Tokyo

Super Frog Saves Tokyo Climax Exposition Rising Action Resolution Falling Action Setting:
In 1995, Tokyo
Katagiri , the mean character and the protagonist of the story. He is short and bald but he is also tough and reliable.
Frog, a giant talking frog that claims to save Tokyo with Kotogiri.
Worm, a giant worm sleeps deep beneath Tokyo city. Frog explains that after three days there will be an earthquake in Tokyo and the causes of the earthquake is a giant Worm directly under the Tokyo Security Trust Bank. After the Frog have earned Katagiri's trust, and they plans how to fight Worm together. On the evening of the battle, Katagiri got shot on the right shoulder by a man in a leather jacket with a small gun. He wakes up in a hospital finds that he did not get shot. But it is the morning of February 18, 1995, Mr. Katagiri asked about the earthquake in Tokyo and he discovered that nothing has happened. The nurse comes to the room, and the bugs are suddenly gone. She gives Katagiri an injection and tells him that he had another nightmare. Katagiri tells the nurse that Frog used his own life to save Tokyo from an earthquake. The nurse says that Katagiri is very fond of the Frog. Katagiri slips into a deep sleep. Frog appears in Katagiri’s hospital room. Katagiri apologizes to Frog for not being able to fought with him, but Frog explains that Katagiri did help him in his dreams. In the end, Frog was unable to defeat Worm, but saved Tokyo from earthquake. Frog slips in to a coma. Katagir sees the boils pop on Frog's body, then worms, maggots, and centipedes crawling out. Katagiri overwhelmed by what he sees and he screams.
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