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Entrepreneurship to Learning

No description

Rafael Pilar

on 9 October 2016

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Transcript of Entrepreneurship to Learning

The aim is not only to create companies, but to allow the development of a new professional and talented entrepreneur, whether they create their own business or work for others, they will be better able to provide value to both the business network and society.
"Entrepreneurship to Learning"
San José de Calasanz - Santurtzi
Postdam, Germany Nov. 2014

"Entrepreneurship to Learning"
Implementing strategic
Active methodologies
Programs of entrepreneurial culture
Networking with institutions involved in the reduction of unemployment
The basis of their own company
They have to DO things
Greater personal and professional development
Enrichment of society
School and environtment
60 to 100 compulsory hours
Networking with public and private external partners
Key competences evaluation site
have to evaluate themselves, their peer and their teachers
20% of their final grades by improving their key and entrepreneurial skills
Principal’s Office has always supported this project
Providing teachers with training on methodologies
Implementation of this system in the whole school
Modify some of the school’s facilities in order to provide space, tools and all the necessary equipment
Human resources, own areas and funding
Key objectives of the Strategic Plan of our school
Interagency Plan to Support Entrepreneurial Activity in the Basque Country (December 2013)

Regional economic recovery plans
Entrepreneurship aid
Funding programs for new entrepreneurs
Sensitization and development of entrepreneurial culture
Job Fairs and congresses and entrepreneurship
Interagency programs supporting public-private entrepreneurship

Profile new professionals need
entrepreneurial skills and competencies
decision: integrate Enterprise Education
solve problems
decisions making
use of information
self learning
personal balance
Development agencies
Basque Goverment
Educational system
Innovation institutions
Local Goverments

In detail:
Vocational Trainning School
Founded in 1.969
Set in Santurtzi - Left bank of the Nervion River
Bilbao Metropolitan Area
High rate of unemployment
The Basque Country 16,47%
Spain 24,5%
Our influence area 21,16%
One of the higher level of autonomy in its economic, fiscal and social policies in Europe
Many programs and public and private institutions that foster entrepreneurship
new employment citizens
Improving our Society!!
Organized training in companies for over 30 years
400 prestigious companies in our training
changes in the professional profiles
New skills
Academic qualifications were not enough
Training for teachers from Universities
Active learning methodologies developed for teachers
Entrepreneurial culture programs in a compulsory way about 100 hours a year

Entrepreneurship Education
Ideas generation
Business plans development
calls for entrepreneurship entrepreneurship educational, production
sale of products and services in real markets
Powerful key competences evaluation site assessment
students and teachers participate
20% of final grade
"More employable students and citizens with a series of entrepreneurial skills able to lead and manage the social and economic changes that await us in the coming years to achieve true sustainable and social development"
courses, activities, markets, fairs and conferences with students in other training and professional external institutions
Articles in journals of innovation
News in local press
beneficial activities
 Entrepreneurship programs and dissemination of entrepreneurial culture (Ikasenpresa, Enpresari, Cleantech)
 International Week of the Entrepreneur in Santurtzi. Conferences and Workshops.
 Blood Donation Campaigns among our students in collaboration with OSAKIDETZA ( Basque Health Service)
 Beldur Barik, a campaign to fight against gender violence in the Basque Country.
 Ibilaldia, an outreach program of Euskera (the Basque Language) and Basque culture
 Second hand products social market aimed at raising funds for people in need in Santurtzi
 Business Ideas Championship
 Certificate of Sustainable School
 Gerizatuz Project organized to teach computer literacy for people exposed to social exclusion risk in Santurtzi

More than 500 students a year participate in entrepreneurial education programs. About 100 hours in the official curriculum.
More than 20,000 euros in prizes of entrepreneurship programs for our students.
Award "2013 Work Projects" from the prestigious innovation journal "Education 3.0"
Over 200 entrepreneurial ideas submitted by our students in public and private programs with major partners like Tknika, Dema, Innobasque, Behargintza
Participation of our enterprising students in congresses and conferences as speakers
First prize: Cleantech 2013 - Innobasque with the business project "Birzitza"
Second Cleantech award 2014 - Innobasque with the business project "Ortuetxe"


Collaboration in the Entrepreneur's Guide Ikasenpresa Education program (TKNIKA)
 Over 30 student companies founded by them, including the production and sale of products to customers in real markets and fairs.
 20% of the final grade of all formal qualifications based on evaluation of key skills. In this process, all students and teachers are involved.
 We have written articles on best practices in entrepreneurship about our experience in the prestigious journal Tknika
 More than 400 companies involved in our working practices have experienced our evaluation system of key competencies. The average is more than 8/10. We are confident that entrepreneurship programs allow students to develop all their key skills while the company where they are trained benefits from it and value it favourably

Project in the Strategic Plan of the school
great effort from all staff and an example of teamwork and collaborative learning
Global approach to entrepreneurial culture in school
Excellent involvement of all teachers
Networking and very close collaboration with public, private, educational and business partners of our social environment
Tools to support the development and evaluation of entrepreneurial skills
Lack of knowledge and training in active learning methodologies
recruit training experts from top universities around us to solve this problem
great opposition of the teachers to new learning methodologies
flexibility of the organization
Students also showed their resistance
Evaluation of entrepreneurial skills of students which constitutes 20% of your final grade
Spaces and facilities for new methods
Specific places and resources
Convince some of the educational authorities
Results of the projects
Videos, Pictures and News

 1st Cleantech Now Award 2013: https://www.youe.com/watch?v=b6UdK01G1Lc
 2nd Cleantech Now Award 2014:
 7 Entrepreneurship projects finalist DEMA Awards: http://www.demabiz.net/es/berriak/194-seleccionadas-las-50-ideas-de-negocio-del-programa-egin-eta-ekin-enpresari
 International Entrepreneurship Week Conference by the School:

 Real market of our Students Companies (stands, products, sells, students managing the meeting) ****:
 Key Competences Evaluation System in Entrepreneurship Programmes:
And all this have been possible thanks to our team¡¡
and our amazing students¡¡
Special thanks to

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