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Dortmund, Germany

The best prezi ever!!!

seymour butz

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Dortmund, Germany

By Meredith Smith Location facts # 1-6 Official name of Germany: Bundesrepublik Deutschland

Countries bordering Germany
Czech Republic
The Netherlands

1947 to 1990: West Germany and East Germany, Dortmund was in West Germany.

Dortmund population: 572,094 8th largest city in Germany
located in the Bundesland of West Rhine- Westphalia (state).
Former industrial areas in Dortmund are now parks and gardens
They did something similar in Seattle! Nazi Germany Youth group for Hitler's early supporters called the Hitler Youth.

Pledge to be accepted into the Hitler Youth was "In the presence of this Blood Banner which represents our Leader, I swear to devote all my energies and strength to the Savior of our country, Adolf Hitler. I am willing and ready to give up my life for him, so help me, God."
22% of Americans either think the Holocaust didn't happen, or think the recollections are overexagerated. Speaking Basic German # 4 Do you speak German? (Sprechen Sie Deutsch?)
What is your name? (Wie ist dein Name?)
Good morning. (guten Morgen)
Good evening (guten Abend)
Good day (guten Tag)
How are you? ( Wie geht es Ihnen?)
Hello, my name is (your name) (Hallo, mein Name ist (your name)
Hello (Hallo)
Goodbye (Auf Wiedersehen) During World War II, Dortmund got bombed regularly because it was a major center for coal and steel. 66% of buildings in Dortmund were destroyed due to bombs.They still find unexploded bombs in Dortmund TO THIS DAY Did you Know? Vielen Dank
fur Ihre Zeit! Hitler was from Austria Dortmun Did you Know?

German has different capitalization rules than English: they capitalize nouns! Notice the mixture of
modern buildings... And older
looking buildings! d *Dortmund, Dortmund # 2, 3 Many Jews fled from Germany into Poland during WWII. It did not help them get away from the Nazis. The End Germany* Interview Famous buildings: Das Kaiser-Wilhelm-Denkmal, Das Westfallenstadio
Beer most popular drink most popular food Currywurst n
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