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Ancient China Civilization

No description

Hunter Beathard

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Ancient China Civilization

Ancient China Civilization
Hunter Beathard

A.D. 581 Wendi founded Sui dynasty.
A.D. 907 Tang dynasty falls.
A.D. 618 Tang dynasty takes power.
A.D. 868 Chinese print worlds first complete book.
1206 Genghis Khan unites mongols.
1271 Kublai Khan becomes China's emperor.
1405 Zheng he begins first overseas voyage.
1514 Portuguese ships arrive in china.
Confucius is a teacher and philosopher.
Confucius is important because he taught the concepts of benevolence, ritual, and propriety.

Chinese Inventions
Porcelain, it made them rich because other countries wanted that.
Steel, is important because it makes weapons, and other items.
Neo-Confucianism was the tang dynasty gave support to a new kind of Confucianism called Neo-Confucianism.
Neo-Confucianism is important because it taught that life in this world was just important as the after life.Follwers were expected to take part in life and help others.
Neo-Confucianism was similar to Buddhism because Confucianism also piked up some Buddhism. Spiritual world find's peace of mind and live in harmony with nature.

A printer helped people make the same book over and over so they didn't have to write a book by hand, it also helped people learn.
Gun powder was helpful because it was used in gun's so it helped in wars.
Scholar officials
A scholar-official is a job in the government.
Scholar-official are important because if they didn't do it they will not have a government job.
Scholar-official came into existence because both tang and song rulers used civil service examinations to hire officials.
The civil service exam is examinations tested by job seekers on their knowledge of Confucian writings.
The tips of people that where able to pass the exam where rich people.
Why was china reunited
Wendi won battle after battle and reunited china by force.
Yang dis built the grand canal it helped unite china's economy witch people produce, sell, and purchase things.
Tang rulers worked to strengthen the government. Tang armies pushed west and took over silk road, Korea,Korean kingdoms, northern Vietnam and got taxes.
Scholar-official was a jobin the government that only rich people can take.
China map
Items trade
Tea,steel,paper,and porcelain
Silk road,Grait wall
LI BO was a popular poet.
LI BO was important because he wrote songs on wine, women and nature.
Zheng He
Zheng He was a Chinese admiral who led several large naval expeditions from china to southwest Asia India, and the east coast of Africa .
He was important because he led large expeditions.
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