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The Journey

No description

Janie Atwood

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of The Journey

Gender Equality; Women In Clergy In The Episcopal Church The Journey In The Beginning.... The 4th Century: Ordination of 11 Women at the Philadelphia Church of The Advocate 1974 Should Women be Bishops? 1988 352 CE: Council of Laodicea
398 CE: Fourth Synod of Carthage 1758 The Herrnhut in Bohemia

Ludwig Von Zinzendorf 1760 Early 1800's Equality of Women 1968: Lambeth Conference 1976 Women Are Legally Ordained In The Church Bessie 1973 Can Everyone Please Stand Up.... Salary of Episcopal Ordination No Seriously Stand Up... September 24, 1988 21st Century Barbara Clementine Harris February 11, 1989 Constatine The Great 1935 Endless Cycle Of Dishes... 1935 What are the Roles that Women Should Have In The Church? 1968 Lambeth Conference 1970 Father Raymond Bourgeois Exodus 15:24 Katherine Jefferts Schori 1974
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