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Under The Never Sky

No description

Megana A.

on 17 May 2014

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Transcript of Under The Never Sky

Under The Never Sky
The main settings are in the outside world, the place that surrounds the Pods, and also the safe city of Delphi. The story takes place somewhere in the future. The author does not say which continent it takes place on. The types of survival are mental and physical. It is shown in the book when Aria and Perry are fighting for their life, and it is shown when Aria needs to accept that she is half outsider.
Aria, the main character, is a good singer and sings for her mom on Sundays. She is half outsider and the Blood Lord's (Perry) partner. The disappearance of Talon, Perry's nephew, has to do with her mom. Aria is brave and kind. Perry also narrates in this book. He has Aether in his blood and is the Blood Lord. He killed his brother, Vale, to become Blood Lord of the Tides when he had no choice.
By Veronica Rossi
Under The Never Sky
By Megana Adigal
Period 4
All Aria wanted to find out was where her mother was. So she enters Ag 6, a service dome, with her friends and Soren, and tries to get Soren to tell her where her mom was. Soren starts a fire, and only she and Soren make it out alive, due to the help of a savage outside of the walls of Reverie. Aria gets exiled from Reverie to the Outside, where the furious alive storm, Aether, is ready to kill with a single strike. Just when she was about to die, the savage Perry, saves her life. Perry needs help finding his kidnapped nephew, and he and Aria form an alliance. They journey to Delphi, and run into Roar, Perry's friend, on the way. Perry kills the Croven Blood Lord and the Croven stalk the group for revenge. Meanwhile, a boy called Cinder who can harness the Aether starts helping them. They reach Delphi, and then Cinder kills all the Croven. Aria and Perry set out to Bliss, another pod like Reverie. They depart, and Perry becomes the Blood Lord of the Tides. Aria then enters Bliss to find her mom, but something happened to her mom and she goes back to the Outside.
The main conflict is that Aria wants to see and find her mom. Aria loves her mom more than anything, and the only reason that Aria got exiled was the fact that she wanted to find her mom so she followed Soren into Ag 6. An example of figurative language in the book is "He caught the shift in the air like the drag of a dark tide." That is a simile, and it means that the mood of Aria would become from hysterical to miserable, because she was sad she was exiled, and Perry can smell the mood since he is gifted. I liked the book and I would recommend it to others, but it was a bit confusing in the beginning and I think that this book is not for people who have trouble reading or really dislike reading.
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