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Zahra Sohail

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of Hurricanes


- a storm with violent winds and lots of rain
- a type of tropical cyclone (Q)
A hurricane is...
Hurricane Katrina
The force of a hurricane comes from...
1. Moist air (Q)
2. Warm water (Q)
What Kinds of Damage does a Hurricane Inflict on the Built Environment?
Hurricane damage inflicts on built environment such as:
- buildings may have broken window glass and they may shatter completely
- cars being thrown around which results in broken windows and crashed engine
- trees being ripped out of the ground and thrown around (WQ)
- animals from the bayou die for example fish
- HUGE floods are created, because of the moist air and rain
- that some hurricanes can cause landslides!
there will be more homeless people
What is the Impact of a Hurricane on the Natural Environment?
Some of the impacts on the environment are...
What can humans do to protect themselves from the force of a hurricane?
We as humans can protect ourselves from hurricanes by following these simple instructions:
1.MOST IMPORTANT IS TO UNPLUG EVERYTHING TO DO WITH ELECTRICITY. 2. Find a room in your house in which there are not as many windows.
3. Have a mattress ready for you to lay underneath and cover yourself with.
4. Get a battery powered radio so you can listen to the updates on the hurricane.
5. Carry with you, a flashlight as well, so if the power runs out, you have a source of light.
6. Also, remember to bring bottled water and energy bars in case you get hungry
Are there any other impacts on society?
Other impacts on society are:
1. There are many losses

(a lot of people die)
2. There may be lots of power outages
3. That hurricanes can cause tornadoes
Tornado that was caused by hurricane
Power outage in Hurricane Sandy
Fun Fact
The Hurricane season starts in August and ends in October
Fun Fact
September is the most active of the hurricane season months
Fun Fact
The energy released from a hurricane could if converted into electricity power the U.S.A for 3 years!
Fun Fact
Fun Fact
Fun Fact
The eye of the hurricane is the calmest part of the hurricane
The word "HURRICANE" comes from "HURACAN" the god of big winds and evil spirits
Most of the time the right side of a hurricane is the worst side of the hurricane
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