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Physics of The Incredible Hulk

No description

Jeff Georgiades

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Physics of The Incredible Hulk

Physics of Superheroes Why the Incredible Hulk can't be beaten Who is your favorite Superhero? Superman? Perhaps Spiderman, or even Batman? What if I told you there was another hero? One who could easily win in a fight against any or many other heroes? Would you believe me? Or would you shake your head and laugh, unconvinced that anyone could defeat your favorite hero? To start convincing you, you have to know Hulk's powers.
Any idea what they are? If you said his only power is super strength, you are wrong. He heals faster than even Wolverine. He can survive heat close to that found in the Sun's core, as well as extreme cold, all without flinching. There are many other powers besides these. Hulk's a pretty potent behemoth, just following the comic books alone. But that's not all he can do. All of his strength really does obey the laws of physics. When Hulk tore off that large chunk of steel how much force did he put into it? Quite a bit actually. In shearing the steel, Hulk applied enough force for you or me to do 110 thousand bench presses at 200 pounds per press.
I couldn't do one of those if my life depended on it. Oh, and most importantly, the angrier the Hulk gets, the stronger he gets Here's some proof: Here's another example of why it's a bad idea to make the Hulk angry Think about that kick for a moment.
If i were to drop down and start doing pushups using the force put into that kick, how many do you think I would accomplish?
a) 10
b) 50
c) 100
d) 300 The answer is D. If all the energy the Hulk put into kicking Blonsky were applied to me doing pushups, I would be able to do close to 300 pushups, all without breaking a sweat! But, you say, what about Superman? He surely has strength to match the Hulk's, on top of all of his other powers! Well, that's true, he does. As well as strength, Superman has super speed, heat vision, freeze vision, invulnerability, et cetera, et cetera. The problem with a fight between Superman and the Hulk runs into two problems:

1) as they are both on the same side, it is unlikely they would ever really fight each other

2) If they fought, and I mean fought to the finish, the Earth would be destroyed before either of them were completely finished. However, for fun's sake, let's assume that their fight can and does go on, without destroying the earth. Who would win? Well, Superman starts off stronger than the Hulk, so the Hulk's main power is fairly useless The only hope the Hulk would have is in his abilities to heal and get angry. Superman would deliver blow after blow that would be fatal to anyone else, but the Hulk would recover. And every time the Hulk recovers, he would come back stronger, angrier, and all around harder to kill. Eventually, the Hulk would be so powerful that in one blow he could launch Superman through the galaxies. But, but, Superman has heat vision, and freezing breath! Yea, so? If the Hulk can be deep frozen and break out of it, supercold temperatures will do nothing to him. The Human Torch has gone Supernova on the Hulk, and the Hulk walked away. Superman's powers can't really do much, and even less as he infuriates the Hulk OK, so Superman is out of the picture in a fight with the Hulk. But what if the entire group of Avengers went up against the Hulk, all at once? Surely he can't fight and win against all of them at the same time, right? Wrong. Here's what I think would happen if the Avengers were to gang up on the Hulk. Captain America would rush in first, because that is what he does, (remember, the Avengers haven't been a team very long). This would go similarly to the Hulk fighting Blonsky (remember the kick?) because both received a similar serum to make them super soldiers. Our Captain would rush in, throw his shield once, and be knocked out of the picture. Ironman would fly in next, using all of his rockets, guns, plasma bolts, et cetera, et cetera. You saw in the clips, guns, rockets, any of those things have no effect on the Hulk except to make him angrier. All that would happen to Ironman follows something along the lines of him and his suit being crushed up into a ball, and thrown into next millenium The only Avenger who might stand a chance against the Hulk is Thor. Between his being the god of thunder, his hammer mjolnir, which no mortal can pick up, and his determination to beat the Hulk after seeing both Captain America and Ironman crushed in heartbeats. Thor would probably get several hits on the Hulk with Mjolnir before Hulk got really angry. His hammer would give him the edge for quite awhile, until he threw it. Remember that part where no mortal can pick up his hammer? While, apparently that's not true. Here's a picture of the Incredible Hulk holding Mjolnir, the hammer that only Thor is supposed to be able to carry. In the comics, the Hulk picks up Thor's hammer, than uses it to beat him up with Thor's own enchanted weapon, which is what would happen now. Hulk would then use the hammer to take out any other Avenger remaining, and the fight would be over. So, does anyone still think their hero is the best? Does anyone truly believe that their hero always has been, is, and will be the strongest, most powerful hero? Go ahead, try and explain to me why you think that anyone can possibly outdo the Hulk in a fight, especially because Hulk will come back stronger, angrier, and generally more powerful each time he takes a hit. And so it shall remain. Still not convinced the Hulk reigns supreme?
How about this clip, then. Tearing a car in half. That takes quite a bit for any machine to do, and the Hulk did that with his bare hands!
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