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Historical Period & Cultural Influences

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Diandra Harding

on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of Historical Period & Cultural Influences

Design Period of the 1900's
Colours/artistic influence
The design period and style of the 1990's was in a change of technological advancement and mixture of 1960's, 1970's and 1980's design. Light wood and knotty pine was a popular interior trend in the 90's followed by minimalism. This included the minimal white kitchen that is still on trend to this day. another colour trend in the kitchen was 'Hunter Green' that was voted in ELLE DECOR 1990's best home design.
Artistic influence and colour in the 1990's reflected the past periods of fashion statements and historical events that date back to the early decades. In the 1990's video became more influential due to Matthew barney's work. Soon videos increased in size due to the development with technology which was seen with James Cameron and the 'Titanic.' Famous brands or names that became popular in 1990s were Britney spears, Jay-Z, Avril Lavigne, Foo Fighters, Celine Dion (Titanic) & Shania Twain.
Name & Decade Born: Amelia Harding 1992
Born into the XY Generation
I grew up listening, reading, watching: I loved watching the Rugrats and Hey Arnold. listening to 'Barbie Girl' was a popular thing to do. Harry Potter was my favourite all time read! The best series of books to this day.
I grew up the fashion styles were: Black chokers, flared jeans, 'groupie' tops (bands and movies) and coloured clip-in hair.
I grew up the product design of the day, was: There was so many new products coming out due to the technological advancement, but it was definitely the 'SEGA' video game and the sony disman.
I grew up and the latest Architects or Architecture was: ah I don't really know, it was very classic, white. Something you would see in America or inspired from American houses.
I grew up and the travel was: everything, although not hovercrafts.
I grew up listening to: it was alot of Aqua, Backstreet Boys oh and Spicegirls, but i was obsessed with Britney Spears (oops I did it again).
I grew up eating/favourite snack: Macaroni and cheese, snacked on pringles, oh and the melody chupa chups, they were so good.
I always wanted to buy at 16: Probably a nice handbag.
what crazes or trends do you remember?: twister, everyone was playing twister. but also the totem tennis, where the tennis ball is attached to the string on the pole. that was good fun.
I grew up and the book to read was?: Harry Potter, everyone was reading it.
Must have small gadget?: Tamagotchi. 100%.
If you were to invent a small gadget what it would it be?: Good question. I don't know.
Iconic photo in the 1990's?: For me, when Ginger spice wore the union jack dress at the Brit awards in 1997.
1 questionnaire: Favourite movie: Clueless. it defined the 1990's in a way that everyone that watches it can somewhat relate to what they are talking about or what they are wearing. such a good movie.

Music Of The 1990's
 Nevermind by Nirvana
(What's the Story) Morning Glory? by Oasis
Metallica by Metallica
The Immaculate Collection by Madonna
The B-52's – "Love Shack“
MC Hammer – "U Can't Touch This"
Vanilla Ice – "Ice Ice Baby
Spice Girls - Spice Girls
Shaggy - Boombastic
MmmBop - Hanson
Auqa - Barbie Girl
Ricky martin - Livin' la vida loca
Sir mix-alot- Baby got back
Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch - Good Vibrations

Men & Women's fashion
Historical Period & Cultural Influences
Diandra Harding
Many of the fashion trends were heavily influenced by the music of the time.
both females and males started dressing more casual. The gothic/punk trend
were made popular by the heavy metal bands in the 1990's, people getting more piercings and dying their hair outrageous colours. Main fashion trends were aerobic leggins and stir ups in bright fluorescent colours that included the leg warmers.

Introduction to the 1990's
1990's was the year of technological advance change. previous influential years such as the 1950's, 1960's, 1970's and 1980's impacted and changed the way individuals dress and act. Music industries and even movies that were released in the 90's had a huge part on the fashion that started trends that are making a comeback in today's society.
A Gadget in the 1990's
In 1990's, there was a huge development in the technological world, gadgets were being improved and updated and new things were being released and sold in the same year. children and teenagers of the 1990's were seen with
tamagotchi's, rollerblades, nintendo 64, tickle me elmo, easy bake oven, slinky, yo-yo, buzz light-year, sony discman, and even the new release of the Apple laptop 'Ibook'. These gadgets influenced society and changed the way of humans interacting with toys. the most bought gadget was the gameboy by nintendo.
A car/carriage in the 1990's
Due to the booming economy in the 1980's, the 1990's was a fantastic year to buy a nice 'ride'. In the 1990s more development of cars was happening and the sports utility vehicles (SUV) were the most efficient car, this being the Ford Explorer. Sport car styles were on trend and most cars had the sleek, sport style. New innovations inspired from sport car companies such as BMW, Chevy Corvette and Dodge viper led a new company Saturn forming and designing plastic car interiors, allowing for better gas mileage and lighter tread.
Slang words in the 1990's
Popular slang words that were commonly used amongst the teenagers and young adults of the 90's consisted of:
'ah girl', 'sup bb', 'let's dip', 'all that and a bag of chips', 'beeotch', 'as if', 'bounce - i gotta bounce or let's bounce', 'crib', 'crunk', 'oh snap', 'take a chill pill', 'talk to that hand', 'gurl you be trippin', 'whats the 4-1-1?', 'word', 'you go girl', can I have yo' digits?'
Top 10 Movies
1. Titanic
2. Toystory
3. Goodfellas
4. The Lion King
5. Saving Private Ryan
6. Apollo 13
7. Brave Heart
8. Clueless
9. The Truman Show
10.Shakespeare in love
Airmax, Highwaisted jeans, flannel shirts, bowl cuts, overalls
Dr. Martins, Leather jackets
butterfly clips, scrunches, slap bracelets, neck chokers,
light up sneakers, stick on earings, mood rings and lipsmackers
Womens fashion
Men's Fashion
retro - The term retro is a shortened version of the word 'retrospective' which translate to 'looking back'
Post-modern - Postmodern is a late 20th century movement in the arts area. its a departure from modernism and is characterized by the use of earlier styles.
Overview of the 1990's
1990's marked the year of social and economical change from the two previous decades. The 90's was characterized by the rise in multiculturalism and the alternative media concepts of photo manipulation and effects in movies. It was the beginning in the the worldwide trend of grunge, the rave scene and hiphop. Individuals around the world were then introduced to 'WWW' world wide web and the release of Apple (Macintosh) 'Ibook' laptop. The advancement in the technology in the 1990's was vastly improving that soon cable tv was released and this changed the world of technology in ways unimaginable. 1990's was the year that changed the world completely and with the cold war coming to and end, people believed world peace was slowly starting to happen.
historical events of the 1990's
Gulf war in the middle east started in 1990 and ended in 1991. Kuwait had loaned Iraq billions of dollars in the war against Iran, unable to repay the loan Iraq sought to regain control of Kuwaiti oil fields and reestablish itself as a major oil producing country.
Kurt Cobain was in the most influential band of the 90's 'nirvana'. He was important to millions of people around the world because of his style and how he connected the music and emotions to his fans. He unfortunately died from a suspected suicide and today he is remembered as someone showing his 'real' attitude when performing.
Historical events of the 1990's
Princess Diana's death was one of the most tragic deaths of history. On the 31st of august 1997, Princess Diana was in a car accident that killed her and her boyfriend at the time. There was conspiracies around the whole death of the princess, but judges later stated that it was a 'unlawful killing'.
Nelson Mandela was important in the 1990's because he became the president of south Africa. He went to jail because he stood up for what he believed in. He believed that black people should have as many rights as white people do. He was offered to be released from jail only if he stopped standing up for equality, but he refused to.
Historical events of the 1990's
The soviet union collapsed in 1991 under the pressure of nationalism in almost all the states. Today, the strongest and most active capital is Russia itself, with capital Moscow. But there are other important independent countries including Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Kazakhstan and so on.
Oprah Winfrey was an important person in the 1990's. Oprah took over a day time show which she renamed the 'Oprah Winfrey show'. She had millions tuning in each day to watch and be inspired by such a powerful women. Oprah grew up in an abusive poor family but worked hard to get where she is today. She was the first successful african-american women to have a talk show and she supported hundreds of disadvantaged schools and individuals. Oprah adopted her show to focus more of the reality of life, rather than discussing things you see in the tabloids.
Chosen designer of the 1990's
How peoples lives changed in the 1990's
As stated before, the 1990's was the developing year of technology and with new gadgets coming out and being released all around the world, individuals started to experience a world of 'robots' and 'futuristic' gadgets. The style with architecture and fashion represented new technical designs and individuals were being inspired by everything around them, from musical influences, the movies and being able to access the internet. Cable tv changed the way people ate at dinner time, instead of sitting at the dining table, people soon started sitting in front of the tv with their dinner/lap tables and watching the 6 o'clock program. This time period had massive influence on today's society.
Alexander McQueen in 1990's
The low waist trousers were popular in the 90's. They were also classified as the 'bumsters', as they were placed a little below the hip so that you could see the top part of the bum. (expect the unexpected)
The union jack coat was worn by Bowie on his cover for his album 'earthling', Alexander designed this in 1997 for the singer's tour aswell. A clutch and shoes were also designed with the union jack.
The No.13 dress was a simple white dress, that was modeled by Shalom Harlow and two robots spray painted it while she was on a turning platform. innovative and high concept of fashion in 1999.

Alexander McQueen the 1990's
Alexander McQueen was known as a designer from Britain who pushed and abused fashion to its limits and to an extreme that people expected the unexpected. He is known for his dramatic designs and fashion shows that are said to be raw and powerful. Alexander worked for costume designers Angels and Bermans whose dramatic style influence McQueen greatly and later on became one of his signature styles. Isabella Blow was a huge influence on him and was the person that started his career and when she died, Alexander dedicated a whole fashion show to her. He was influenced mostly by his creative imagination and his technical skills with cutting and designing extraordinary things, this all started from his teenage years working with costumiers. Alexander's legacy of expected the unexpected lives on even after his tragic death in 2010.
Soviet Union & Oprah Winfrey
Princess Diana & Nelson Mandela
Gulf War & Kurt Cobain
Alexander McQueen
Alexander McQueen built up his portfolio of working with different designers, starting of in Saville Row and then working with Koji Tatsuno and soon he was enrolled into a college as a student where he applied to be a tutor. Alexander graduated from Saint Martins in 1992 and shortly after was noticed by Vogue stylist, Isabella Blow. He was featured in vogue in the same year that he was discovered and from there his famous low waist trousers in the 90's were worn by millions all around the world. Alexander was then appointed chief designer at Givenchy but in 1998 when he had Aimee Mullins a double amputee and former para Olympian modeled a pair of hand carved wooden prosthetic legs, people were then opened to the world of 'expect the unexpected'.
Three designs of Alexander McQueen
Talking About My Generation
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