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Copy of Online Educational Game


James Ruiz

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Copy of Online Educational Game

new media: literacy in 2010 lit·er·a·cy ©ontent:
aesthetics Production professional v. personal
fair use
access to tools
overall message Distribution niche marketing
viral media
links & posts Context Audiences How does new literacy change the way we interact? alphabetic
social http://www.thesensorycompany.co.uk/Pics/SensoryLogo.jpg new me·dia digitally produced
widely distributed
various applications http://www.betterbydesign.org.nz/Images/design-is-a-behaviour.jpg medium = video, graphics, text
time = short, concise
composition & form = subjective
tools mobile devices
gaming consoles
audio/visual recorders
alphabetic literacy http://www.marketlikeachick.com/wp-content/
uploads/2009/12/social-media-tool.jpg ©ontent: texts http://library.thinkquest.org/08aug/
02142/images/media_browser_icon.jpg film & tv
music & sound design
still images
©ontent: narratives transmedia
fluid structure
familiar faces
bricolage & pastiche http://thedu0.com/authentic-storytelling/ pop culture v. sub culture
geo-historical & geo-political
follow the money
sites of participation http://remix.vg/wp-content/uploads/3171/lady-gaga.jpg narrow casting
engagement & immersion http://www.tikibartv.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/audience-choice.jpg http://www.interbrandmedia.com/en/images/stories/visuel-1.jpg bloggers = journalists?
civilians = news aggregators?
promoting participation & engagement http://www.newyorkpersonalinjuryattorneyblog.com/
uploaded_images/Blogging-703625-722434.jpg how does new literacy contribute to social design? social capital
weaks ties v. strong ties
responsibility? how does new media literacy benefit society? civic engagement
creation of new economy
professional potential
greater connectivity
empowered individual http://travelintoaprworld.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/social-media-people.jpg Do they have negative impact? oversaturation
less connectivity?
digital divide
http://travelintoaprworld.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/social-media-people.jpg http://www.oberholtzer-creative.com/visualculture/2009/03/what-the-is-social-design/ http://www.oberholtzer-creative.com/visualculture/2009/03/what-the-is-social-design/ http://www.interbrandmedia.com/en/images/stories/visuel-1.jpg http://www.tikibartv.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/audience-choice.jpg http://remix.vg/wp-content/uploads/3171/lady-gaga.jpg http://thedu0.com/authentic-storytelling/ http://library.thinkquest.org/08aug/
02142/images/media_browser_icon.jpg http://www.betterbydesign.org.nz/Images/design-is-a-behaviour.jpg http://www.marketlikeachick.com/wp-content/
uploads/2009/12/social-media-tool.jpg http://www.thesensorycompany.co.uk/Pics/SensoryLogo.jpg images New v. Old educational implications
less formal?
digital divide the future? greater pervasiveness
increased authority & responsibility
more transmedia packaging
http://www.themosaiccompany.com/images/SubPages/Expertise---Technology.jpg http://www.themosaiccompany.com/images/SubPages/Expertise---Technology.jpg presentation template Created by Jonisa Deleon Guerrero
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