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The United States of America

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Ben Ellis

on 19 January 2014

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Transcript of The United States of America

The United States of America
The Midwest
The Southwest
Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, & Texas
The West
The Pacific Northwest States
Washington, Oregon, California
Capital: Washington, DC
President: Barack Obama
Population: 317 M or 43% EU
Area: 9.8 M or 96% EU
50 States, 1 Federal District, & 16 Territories
Constitutional Republic & Representative Democracy
Federal & State Government(s)
3 Branches: Executive, Legislative, Judicial

America: Overview
Democratic Party
Republican Party
5 Regions
Pacific States
Alaska & Hawaii
Mountain Zone/Rockies
Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Colorado
Southern Nevada & Utah included in Geographical Region
Combined Population: 40 Million residents
Landscape: Desert, Mountains & Rivers
Economy: Tourism, Ranching, Mining, Oil Industry
Border with Mexico, Cowboys, Winter Vacations, New Spain, TexMex & blended Hispanic-American Culture
Hub of Mexican & Hispanic Americans in the USA
The South
The Northeast
Nickname: Hawkeye State, Heartland
Population: 3 Million
Languages: English, Spanish, German
Capital: Des Moines
Area: 145,743 sq km (1.74x Austria's size
Economy: Agriculture(Pork, Corn, Poultry), Wind Energy, Manufacturing, Insurance
History: Ioway/Sioux Indians, French Fur Traders, New France, Louisiana Purchase
Statehood Dec. 28th, 1846
15,000 Residents, "Small Town America", Central Iowa, High School Football Culture,
Hometown of "Maytag", Iowa Speedway,
The Newton Cardinals
Manufacturing companies "Trinity" for Wind Turbine Towers & "TPI" for Wind Turbine Blades
San Francisco
Las Vegas
Los Angeles
San Diego
Tourism, Entertainment, Energy,
Ranching, Timber, Fishing
North & South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas,
Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois
Heartland, Bread Basket of the World
Minneapolis-St. Paul
Kansas City
St. Louis
Des Moines
Agriculture (Farming),
Energy, Insurance, Education, Manufacturing
The Old South, Dixie
Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North & South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Florida
History: Confederate States of America
(with Missouri & Maryland
Known for: Accent, Cotton, Plantations
Slavery, Swamps, Hillbillies & Rednecks,
Hurricanes, Civil Rights Movement, Disney World, NASA
Cities: New Orleans, Nashville, Memphis,
Birmingham, Montgomery, Atlanta, Savannah, Orlanda, Miami, Charleston,
Mid-Atlantic or New England
Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania & Maryland
Cities: New York, Philadelphia,
Washington, DC; Baltimore,
Boston, Providence
Economy: Government, Transportation, Fishing, University (Education), Tourism,

Florida = Austria
New Jersey = Austria
South Carolina = Austria

German Language in the US:
1.2 Million Speakers
3rd Language in Iowa
Roughly 50 Million German-Americans
Germanic background: Largest Ethnic Group
The Pledge of Allegiance
A recited oath of loyalty given at public or government events/places to express Patriotism by the citizens of the United States of America. It is commonly taught in elementary schools to students, and used to varying frequency therein. No one citizen can be forced to say the Pledge, and sometimes one may refuse for personal reasons, often due to the phrase: "Under God". Americans see the Pledge as a mark of national unity, and in giving it we often place our hands over our hearts.
American Football
The most popularly played and watched sport in the US. A team "contact" game played with a single ball. Points are made when the ball makes it to the opposing team's "Endzone" for a "Touchdown" or a "Field Goal" when the "Kicker" launches it in between the "Goal Posts." The "Quarterback" is the lead player who either runs the ball or passes it to another player. There are two sides called "Offense" (the team in possession of the ball and trying to score) and "Defense" (the team attempting to block them from scoring as an act of defense). This sport is important in our culture in High School when all students and the whole town supports the team every Friday night at games; In college when the favorite University teams play and rivalries such as Michigan versus Ohio form; in the NFL with all pro teams playing lead up to the SuperBowl that almost literally every American watches.
A weather "phenomenon" occurring when weather patterns (Hot & Cold) collide, causing the wind to spin upwards in a spiral. Spring/Summer afternoons/evenings are normal time as the temperatures change for the day most then. In several US states in the central part of the country is a region called "Tornado Alley" where the most tornadoes are recorded, as different weather is meeting. The Fujita Scale ranks the strength of a tornado based off of the damage caused EF0-EF5. People take shelter in the lowest places possible away from windows.
American Cuisine
The food typical to the United States varies region by region, state by state dependent upon the influences of land and culture.
Northeast: Seafood eg. Clam Chowder or Lobster; Cranberries from the bogs; Maple Syrup
South: BBQ; spicier Cajun flavors; Fried Chicken; Cornbread; Crayfish
Midwest: Chicago Deep Dish Pizza; Wisconsin Cheese; Steak; Pies
Southwest: Tex-Mex spicy; Tacos; Guacamole Dip
West: Salmon; Citrus Fruits; Asian flavors; Wines
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