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Hopelessly Queenless

No description

Walter Sheppard

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Hopelessly Queenless

Hopelessly Queenless, a Worker’s Lament Her ovipositor so large she's self-disarmed,
Her stinger no longer a cause for alarm

Behind her back they begin to scheme,
Talk of rebellion: they'll form a new team! At midnight they'll go, insurgents attack,
Hemolymph spilt on the honeyed wax. The royal guard slain, she's been exposed,
The rogue workers advance now unopposed. "A new era begins, to this we all swear,
To form a new government, one just and fair.
No longer will one bee hold such power,
Together we'll grow rich from the nectar of flowers!" Though good in intention and pure of mind,
The liberation forgets why they need her alive. Regrettably, the extinction of their hive is fated,
For, although all are female... ...not one is mated. Inside the hive, a fortress crafted in cedar,
Dwell tireless inhabitants with a single leader. Larger than the rest and with a regal air,
She is their queen, mother to countless heirs. Her extended abdomen is an egg-laying machine,
Bringing a thousand new faces daily to the scene. But something is wrong, her scent becomes faint,
Pheromone no longer keeps the rabble restrained.
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