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Mathematic Mind Map

My mathematic presentation on algerbraic functions (Year 8)

Conan Tran

on 19 August 2015

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Transcript of Mathematic Mind Map

Function Quadratic
Function 5 ways
to solve Straight
Line Parabola 1 way
to solve Exponential Equality
= Inequality:
<=, >=, =, <, > Linear:
Dash line
+ shading Quadratic:
Dash line
+ Shading y=ax^2+bx+c Point of Slope:
m = slope
b = y-intercept Graphing Standard form:
Ax+By=C Factoring Graphing Completing
the Square Axis of Symmetry
x= number (x-coordinate) Axis of symmetry
x= a number Solid line < or <=:
Below or right
> or >=:
Left or above Discriminant Vertex Ordered pair X-coordinate Y-coordinate X-intercept

Y-intercept Finding
-b/2a In quadratic function X-intercept are also
Zeros Perfect Square form;
No x term
and c is rational Function is hard
to factor or at all.
No other solutions. Using if x^2 term is 1
and hard to factor. Using if you have
Graphing Calculotor. To find how many
solutions are there!
b^2-4(a)(c) Tips:
Term of x^2 (+)
Graph go up
Term of x^2 (-)
Graph go down. Algebraic
Function Exponential
Function Discovery about Functions
Graphs < or <=:
Term of x^2(Positive):
Term of x^2(Negative)
: inside > or >=:
Term of x^2(Positive):
Term of x^2(Negative)
: ouside Square Root Quadratic
Formula 4 ways
to solve y=mx+b Rate of change or Slope
Vertical change
/Horizontal change How are those applied? Real-life problem 1 Systems of
Function 3 solutions
of system
of linear function Graphing Substitution Elimination The line approaches
the x-axis
but not cross or touch y=a.b^x Replacing f(x) = Results
a = initial
b = ratio, rate of change
x = number of periods (how many times it repeat) Suppose a restaurant has 2 staffs at first. After 3 months, the guests come crowder so the number of staffs double.
Question: how many staffs will there be after 2 years? Problem 1 is solving by Exponential Function Real-life problem 2 A market-observer records that a price of a product is about $60 and it could attract 1000 customers. That employee also notices that if the price reduces $1, it could attract more 60 customers. Suppose M(x) is the highest profit that product can make and count as: -(2a)x+b. Question: What is M(x)? Problem 2 is solving by Quadratic Function
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