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the path to peace and trueth in your life.

aaron hageman

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Buddha

Buddhism What can be gained through buddhism? What do they beleave in? How does Buddhism differ from other faiths? How do they practish there faith? Why Buddhism? Throw Buddhism, there fallowers gain the abilty to become more open to the world around them. Through meditashen and the understanding that we haft to be able to let go of things we hold so close. In the practish of buddhism they beleave in not a god like othere religions of the day, but in the universal power of our uanudy, and the power and wisdom that is brot to us throw meditashen and thought. In Buddhism they practish there faith in temples, where they meditate on the writings of the past buddhas, in hopes of finding inlightinment. They offten use candals and incess to help them a deaper form of meditashen. In other faiths they fo
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